Brett is Engaged! 

Ok. So…..

Today I was made aware that Brett is engaged to a girl in Texas. They were scheduled to marry on 31 March. I understand that her father has terminal cancer, and Brett was using that to push her to marry him ASAP. Apparently you get a green card when you marry a US citizen, which is exactly what he would have been after. 

He is using the name Brett Goodman (his mothers maiden name) and owns many properties in Australia and many champion racehorses (yawn – this is getting old Brett)! 

Fortunately those close to her smelt a rat and managed to find out who Brett really is through my website/Facebook page – which is exactly what my aim was when I started all of this!

More to come – I’ll keep you all posted! 

P.S. For more info please visit the Facebook page –

5 thoughts on “Brett is Engaged! ”

  1. Maybe you message American border security as he obviously has lied to be able enter the US as you have to declare any criminal charges you have against you when fill out the forms at the airport. He such a sick scum bag praying on innocent people like that.


  2. Daisy you are amazing honey. Keep up the great work. I’m sorry you had to endure such pain but it will be so sweet when this scumbag is behind bars. Love to mum and dadx
    Sarah Dawson and the Dawson chicks xx


  3. Makes me shudder to think what that poor girl almost ended up with. He certainly preys on people at their most vulnerable times.


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