Threats of legal action

Brett is once again playing the victim and is trying to (once again) use the threat of legal action to scare me into ceasing activity on this website and removing previous posts. But, guess what Brett, you are not the victim here and you will definitely not scare me into silence! 

This site has been created for one reason only – to help prevent anyone else from suffering trauma at the hands Brett – not to stalk or intimidate anyone! By making threats of legal action (which has happened a number of times now), Brett is trying to stop free speech and is jeopardising public safety, because people need protection from him. Why shouldn’t people be warned about his whereabouts so that they can be vigilant and prepared? I sure wish someone had warned me about who he really was so that I could have protected myself! 

My goal is, and has always been, to stop Brett from being able to hurt anyone else like he hurt me, and making threats isn’t going to stop me from trying to achieve that goal! I am far from just a jilted ex who wants revenge! All I want it to protect others. I doubt that there is one person in the world who wouldn’t like to see Brett stop hurting others. Everyone wants to see him stop and I only hope that one day he will! Everyone will be better off if he decides to change his ways – even him! 

2 thoughts on “Threats of legal action”

  1. Good on you ..For you to make a stand means you are a strong women .I applaud you and admire you for all you are doing ..All i can say is that he is a rat ..Belongs in the cutter.
    Keep going
    Fight for the one’s who know no better. If you can help just one women that’s fantastic Daisy. .


  2. I once had a ‘Brett Joseph’ in my life. There were so many things that didn’t add up about him. The family corporation, the family vineyards, the motorsports, his job. I kicked him to the curb when I suspected he was sleeping with someone at his work (I went round to his flat and I saw them through the window) and I still had questions so I backtracked and got answers to my questions and then some. None of his claims amounted to anything. He had never owned a vineyard. He was at best a grease monkey used on a standby basis – which is very definitely not a racing car driver. The trail of broken hearts and families behind him, the lies, the cheating… ladies, if your fellow ever suggests that you should buy your own engagement ring – time to send him on his way.


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