Everybody meet Will.

Will is 26 from Newcastle. His mother owns 2 pharmacy’s and his grandfather is John Holland. He is very wealthy (of course) and charming. Only downside is that Will isn’t real – he is Brett Joseph spinning more lies while using the pictures Josh, of a father of 2 who lives in Canberra.

Strangest thing is that Josh is the friend of a friend of mine who Brett tried to get his claws into after he met her at a christening that he went to with me. I knew that one of the previous victims would recognise the person in the pictures – and it did not take long. Josh was aware that someone had been using his pictures, and pictures of his children, to talk to girls, and that it had been going on for a number of months.


The most concerning thing for me is that Brett has targeted a girl who lives in my home town, who is a friend of mine and who met him while he was with me as well as a girl from Mudgee. He must know that he will never be able to physically meet these girls, because they will recognise him immediately. And even if they don’t recognise him, they will most certainly notice that Will is a lot taller, fitter, better looking and far less pale and balding that Brett. So what is his purpose? My guess is that it is just a game for him. He must get a kick out of sucking people in with his fake persona and letting them form an attachment to him.

I have no doubt that another alias being discovered will stop Brett. Hell, he is catfishing people and spinning his shit while there is an active Court case running! The beautiful thing is that no matter how many fake profiles and aliases he creates, at some going he is going to be found out. His face has been shared far and wide and there is so much stuff on the internet about just who he is that his days of easily conning women, men and businesses are well and truly over. He is reduced to sitting in his mum and dad’s house and using the pictures of others because he is unable to use his own pictures to get his claws into victims. What a total and utter loser!

15 thoughts on “NEW ALIAS ALERT”

  1. Will he never stop?
    The hide of this man!
    Surely this is identity theft. Wouldn’t it be great if Brett met Will one day; down a dark alley; noone around to witness the conversation; then Brett may be able to add his own hospital photo.


  2. Omg! I’m from the United States and I have been talking to this person Josh from Canberra for a year now. He tells me he’s a global contractor and is currently working in Russia. Is this Josh also Brett Joseph?


  3. I live in Colorado and to this day he is sending me messages I have sent him money on several occasions he tells me about his 2 boys all the time and how he lost his wife wow I am completely and utterly disgusted right now.


  4. I have been speaking to someone who uses the name Ethan Berlinder through POF and is using photos of the guy posted above, he has stated he is a contactor and is divorced with two children.


  5. Someone by the name Garth Alfred/shukalfred had been messaging me using this mans photographs.
    Once I realised he was a scammer using stolen pictures I reported him to Instagram & his account was deleted


  6. He’s using humblephil now. Says he is from North Carolina and gives this sob story about losing his wife and had 2 boys but that he is now in Canada building a hotel. I’ve asked several times about his true identity and he just keeps the lies up. He’s asked for money on several occasions and I refuse. So beware he at it again.


  7. He’s using the name Zachary Nash on Facebook. I found an account for him under Josh Smalls as well, where I was able to find his wife’s account too. He’s married with 2 boys & a daughter on the way. When I confronted him he tried to tell me that was his wife that passed away…Funny because she just posted something on her Facebook account less than a week ago. Do not fall for this man’s bullshit! So sad he’s using his children to get women like this!


    1. Josh is the real name of the man whose pictures are being used. The real Josh does have a wife and children here in Australia and what’s worse is that Brett uses their pictures to lure in victims. Brett has a wife and child in Texas, but does not use pictures of them or of his real self.


      1. This guy told me is name was Brayden Faulkner from Colorado and that his wife had died giving birth to his youngest son in October of 2018. We’ve been texting, talking on the phone and using Hangouts for almost 9 months!! He finally broke it off just last week when I refused to give him any money.


  8. ive been talking to this guy for 6 months he called himself Zachary Nash from Tik tok , Im from the UK and fell for his charm and did the stupid thing of sending him steam cards for different things ie: to buy his kid something for his birthday becuase he said he wasnt getting paid from the last job until December and his bank account had been frozen . also i sent money to have his phone fixed so he could video call me filled me with loads of bullshit about loving me and funnily enough now im blocked on Whats app . he sent me lots of pictures at first of the guy above . also told me the boys where living with his mum because he didnt have any money to care for them .. good riddance I say


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