It has come to my attention that everyone’s favourite conman has decided to return to the scene of his past misdiscretions, and returned to Texas.

As far as I know, he is living with his new “girlfriend” in a town called Richmond, which is just outside of Houston. She continues to ignore everything online about Brett, and believe that he is the victim and everything said and written about him is lies.

At this stage, it seems unlikely that she is going to be convinced otherwise. He will no doubt convince her to marry her, get his green card and then leave her high and dry. I’m not sure whether we can help her, but we can help the next victims by this warning out as far and wide as possible! One thing is for sure – he or she will already be talking to him on some kind of dating site, with no idea just what a scumbag he actually is.

He arrived in the US over the weekend, so it’s only a matter of time before he starts targeting businesses in the area as well.

He is active on Tinder, and using the alias Brent, and I have no doubt that he is also on every other dating site available.

PLEASE share this warning with as many people as possible. It is vitally important, and could help save someone you know and love from suffering at the hands of this scumbag.

PS. I’m not sure how many or which aliases he will be using, but he loves to use the King Ranch Australia name, so I’m sure that one will be being used!

5 thoughts on “WARNING – TEXAS, USA”

  1. You can’t help everyone I am afraid, some people think it won’t happen to them.. Let her find out the hard way what he is like… It will happen again, because he can’t help himself either…


  2. I love what you are doing to expose this dumbass conman called Brett Josephs. While I have never met him, I have been working hard to understand all I can about con men and relationship cons after having a personal experience of “lovebombing” and gangstalking that’s been completely traumatizing.

    Understanding the psychology and behavior of the con man is what cripples him. Seeing right through his bullshit before he ever gets the grab for what he really wants- your emotions. Once a shitheaded guy like Brett grabs you by the emotions he knows you’re hooked, because you’ve stopped using your brain. Your brain is what detects the lies. Your feelings suck you in.

    He is one ugly motherf**er and all I can say is if a guy like this approaches you, run for the hills. Lest he touches you with his nasty spindly fingers. Give him to me and I will show him what he is- trash.


    1. I just found out about this today and my mom is the secretary at the Antiques store that he now manages in Schulenburg, Tx. I’m so scared for my mom.


  3. Hi, all you can do Kimberly is warn your mum about him and show her him on the internet.. I am sure once she knows about him, she will keep her distance, good luck..🍀.


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