How Can You Help?

Every day I get asked by people what they can do to help stop Brett Joseph and bring him to justice.

There are 2 ways that you can help to achieve this:

  1. If Brett Joseph has conned you, stolen from you, defrauded you or committed any other crime against you then PLEASE GO TO THE POLICE AND REPORT IT! If you know of a crime that Brett Joseph has committed against someone else then PLEASE GO TO THE POLICE AND REPORT IT or ask them to GO TO THE POLICE AND REPORT IT! If you aren’t sure if Brett Joseph has committed a crime against you, go and make a report anyway. If you have already reported things to the Police about Brett Joseph and they havent done anything about it then then GO TO THE POLICE AND REPORT IT AGAIN!I cannot stress the importance of this enough. He may have only defrauded you $500 – but imagine how many times that has happened over 10 years. If nobody reports it then he is going to keep getting away with it! If everyone reports it then he will be heading to Long Bay in a flash! When the powers at be at the NSW Police do look into this case (which, trust me, they will) we need to make sure that there are piles and piles of complaints and reports sitting there for them to sift through! Now is the time for each and every victim over the past 10 years to act and bring this mongrel to justice! It is up to each and every one of us!
  2. Share this website as far and wide as you can. Even though Brett has the Facebook pages shut down by claiming they are “bullying” (what a joke), he cannot do anything about this website! I update it as soon as anything happens, so it is the best way to keep in the loop and keep the warnings about Brett Joseph the scumbag circulating so that he cannot get his claws into another victim!
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