The Facebook Page

Since starting my campaign, Facebook have deleted 3 ‘Stop Brett Joseph’ pages, claiming that they are bullying! The first had 3000 likes, second had 800 likes and the third had 900 likes!

As we know, the scumbag has numerous fake social media accounts, and uses those to report the pages as being “bullying”. But if he thinks that that is going to stop me then he should think again!

I have contacted Facebook to tell them that they need to pick up their act when it comes to what they deem to be “bullying”!

Everything important from the old pages can be found on the website and the fourth ‘Stop Brett Joseph page can be found here. PLEASE re-like and re-share and re-invite your friends! Let’s keep working to #stopbrettjoseph!


One thought on “The Facebook Page”

  1. ~~~~~~You are very brave Daisy ~~~~~~~ I have had a similar experience but not with this Brett Joseph ~~~~~~~~ Good on you for exposing him ~~~~~ I get on radio talking about mine ~ but have to be careful not to mention his name (I am in Melbourne Australia) ~~~ All power to you Daisy ~~~~~ you are an inspiration~~~~~~~


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