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“Daisy good on you for your brave stance on this. All upsets aside, don’t give up on love or finding love on the Internet. I met my husband 9 years ago from a Facebook app. We stayed a night of our honeymoon on your property with 8 relatives/friends last year. You are one helluva gal in my book. Love & support to you & the wonderful life you have ahead of you.”

“I have been following your story every step of the way due to also having a close call with this scum bag. Love your work Daisy.”

“You go girl! This narcissist lowlife scumbag conman maggot has been outed and soon won’t have anywhere to hide or anyone left to con. I hope that by your courageous outing of Brett Joseph and all his aliases, it also raises the awareness of women out there who are being conned by similar creeps.”

“Well done for your effort in exposing this man.”

“So sorry to hear what you’ve been through Daisy. How brave you are for exposing this person for what he is.You deserve all the happiness you have been cheated of. Hold your head high and be proud of the people you have saved from this conman.”

“Thinking of you Daisy. You are so brave, thank you for baring your soul to ensure he is accountable and the community aware of this hideous man. x.”

“Hold your head high Daisy. You must be an incredible woman and I take my hat off to you. This man is a scumbag, well actually he’s not a man cos a real man wouldn’t do this kind of thing so you go get him girl. I’ll share your story and hope it helps.”

“Well done to you Daisy. Such courage and determination. Others will be spared the heartache and stress you have experienced because of your actions, so thank you. Your parents are no doubt very proud of the smart and articulate young woman you are. And finally, don’t let one bad apple spoil everything. The perfect person is out there for you still, and you will enjoy all the wonderful things that come with being in a truly loving relationship.”

“So sorry for what this fella did. I admire your strength in bringing it all to light. Good luck and stay strong.”

“You go girl. Can’t believe people like this can get away with things for so long.”

“Thank you for sharing your story, and by doing so allowing others to reveal their experiences with the despicable Brett Joseph. Also for putting it all together in the format you have created. You are obviously a strong, intelligent woman of diverse talents.

As an Admin for a large Central Queensland Facebook group – I’ve shared your story to our page with the following message:

“This is worth a read. Moreover it’s worth memorising the face of Brett Joseph (who uses multiple aliases) in case you encounter him. Although Brett Joseph’s favourite and familiar hunting ground seems to be predominantly rural and regional NSW and VIC, there’s every reason to fear a move to previously unexplored territory. He does a great deal of his ‘stalking’ via the internet and Dating sites. Women who are financially successful or involved in lucrative family businesses, particularly from rural and/or agricultural backgrounds, as well as gay men, seem to be his favourite targets for ‘love stings’ while he also pretends to be many things he isn’t to defraud businesses and individuals.
This guy belongs in jail or a secure mental facility …. PLEASE SHARE”

Personally – I’ve shared to my own page. Coming as I do from a farming background and with many family and friends involved in the agricultural sector, hopefully they continue the process of creating awareness.

Respect and best wishes going forward.”

“Daisy, my heart goes out to you. After reading your story, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this guy’s mental health except he is a raging narcissist. I hope you get the answers you are looking for.”

“You are brave!  You are not alone. Well done for what you’re doing!”

“What a powerful thing you have just done! You should be applauded.

I will be sharing this with my teenage daughter who, with her soft and loving heart, always wants to see the best in people. Your list of ways in which people cheat was especially enlightening, as there is more than one way in which a person can betray your trust and emotionally abuse you.

Women are often loathe to come out and admit that they have let someone evil into their lives: that’s their choice and we should respect that. Not everyone reacts the same way you have, by naming and shaming. Sometimes they show their strength by simply moving on with their lives and knowing better next time. But those who have been affected should also know that these people are very, very clever and manipulative and understand how to push your buttons. In a word, Sociopaths.

Good on you for potentially preventing other women falling into his traps. But most of all, I hope you have support for yourself and are healing your own heart and can move on with your life stronger than before.

Bless you for being the last victim <3.”

“You are a very brave and strong woman Daisy. Thank you for sharing your story. All the very best for the future. You certainly deserve better! Take care.”

“Congratulations in your attempt to stop this disgusting person. I personally don’t know him but, I also went through something like this in 2003. I didn’t have your courage but, it took me a very long time to get over the hurt, embarrassment and trail of fraud, debts, lies and threats. Fortunately Karma was on my side and he died twelve months to the day I left him. But, I still had to face people who he had left debts with not only in my name but my family’s names. Anyway, our stories are very similar and I am willing to share your story and make Australia aware of him. Good luck in your venture.”

“You are very strong and honest to expose this conman. He deserves what’s coming to him. Hopefully this is the start of justice for you and all other victims of this creep. The authorities should now locate him and deal with him as he should be dealt with. Well done Daisy for speaking up.”

“Wow! You rock! So blown away by your story and your absolute conviction to notify the universe of this scumbag! Walk tall, talk loud and be proud!”

“I saw your story on television, which is quite a feat as I hardly ever watch it. I’m so happy to have come across this on Facebook so that I can leave you a note. I had tears in my eyes hearing your story. Please never feel foolish, sweetheart, because a common denominator we all have is wanting our true love. I can’t figure out how he can be so stupid, yet so smart and cunning at the same time!

Thank you for your bravery in sharing your unfair and horrible experience. I know you’ll find the man of your dreams one day – and thank God he was exposed before it became worse for you and your lovely family.

Love, hugs, and much respect.”

“I just read your story. You are one tough chick to be able to do everything you have. Good on you mate. I hope the prick rots in hell.”

“You go girl and hold your head up high!! Everyone is behind you and we all want to see this scumbag dealt with to the full extent of the law. I have read some of the other victims stories………..incredible that he has been able to get away with things for so long, however this is how he has “lived” his whole life. Stay strong and move forward, wishing the most incredible future filled with happiness and love. xoxo”

“Well done Daisy. I just watched the current affair program you have done so well. Extremely proud of you!!! He’s a creep and needs to be locked up!”

“I’ve just watched your story on Today Tonight. You absolutely rock. Good on you for outing this discussing man. You just made my night. You seem like a gorgeous amazing woman, and you deserve the best.  All the best.”

“Have just watch a current affair and I am so sorry this has happened to you all, my heart goes out to you and don’t give up on love as there are some good ones out there.”

“Well done for ousting him .”

“I admire you immensely for your courage throughout this whole ordeal and feel for you and all the victims involved. As an estranged relative of the Joseph Family, I along with many other estranged family members, hope and pray that justice will soon prevail. We have had years of ill treatment and disgust through Brett and his parent’s unacceptable behaviours. I wish you all the best & hope life treats you well in the future. Take good care of yourself and stay strong.”

“Hang in there Daisy. As a mother, one thing we wish for our daughters is that they grow up strong and independent and don’t let people push them around. Your mum would be so proud of you. By speaking out, you are not letting him do this to other people. You are making him be accountable for his actions. Don’t give up. You were always a strong and independent person. Don’t let the haters stop you. Keep on fighting. Xx.”

“I thought I would just write a little note to say well done to you for standing your ground, not backing down and not letting other people go through the terrible misfortune that yourself and many others have done so far. It’s time that Brett stands up on his own two feet and deals with all he is doing. I wish you all the luck with your fight, and I truly believe he will be held accountable for his actions. So thank you.”

“I saw that you’ve had a bad few days from negative comments. Please do not stop posting all the stories you’ve been told! You’re getting the story out there and every story I read I’m more and more astounded by this man’s audacity. You are doing amazing work and helping so many other women! Thank you for being so empowering! I just wanted to flick you a message and to say you’re doing amazing! Do not stop what you’re doing!! You’re a gorgeous, courageous and intelligent woman!”

“You are doing great work, don’t let morons get you down. Brett has affected so many people and instead of fighting they want to bury their heads in the sand. People are spouting mental illness but even at high school he was acting like a dickhead. If he was truly impaired by mental illness I’m sure the police would have put him in a hospital for evaluation. Anyways keep up the good work, the world needs more people like you.”

“Daisy you are AMAZING! I have been following your posts and page for a few days now and am in awe of your bravery!

He has picked the wrong girl and family to do this too! You and your family’s strength is truly inspirational and what you guys are doing and achieving is in the absolute best interest to rural Australia and Australia as a whole!

Keep you your fantastic work and don’t let anyone or anything knock you down!

I will continue to support you, your page and endeavours to the very end!

Much love xox.”

“So proud of you Daisy! You are just so wonderful and so strong. Xxxxx”

“Well done Daisy with ACA tonight. It was really well done and everyone interviewed did a great job. Hats off to you and your determination to stop him. Xxx.”

“Well done sweet heart! So happy for all of what you have done! The whole of Mudgee was watching – and I’m sure the country! Such a long good air time!”

“Damn proud of you Daisy. You were an absolute champion on the program tonight. Love ya. Xxx.”

“Great work Daisy.”

“Good work tonight! You were brilliant!”

“ I watched your story on A Current Affair tonight and I just want to congratulate you on how much of an awesome job you have done to stop this scumbag. I know what it’s like to share such a personal story so publicly but you should be so proud of yourself! Keep your head up and I hope that what you’re looking for will come around soon.”

“Just wanted to say that I’m thinking of you and hope you are ok. You are such an independent and strong woman and I admire what you are doing very much. Lots of love. Xoxo.”

“I just wanted to say how brave you are! Just watched the ACA episode… Good on you! I hope you are ok… Thank you for helping others so they don’t have to experience what you did! You are and amazing person and one day you will find the love of your love and a real Romeo… It just takes time and patience so I’ve been told… I’m still waiting for mine too.”

“Well done speaking up on ACA, sending lots of love and positive energy, don’t let his shit stay with you at all, onwards and upwards xx.”

“Just watched your current affair interview. You are such a brave, courageous strong women. I am sorry such a scum bag preyed on your generosity. Sending all my love and thoughts. Xo.”

“Keep on keeping on to shut this loser behind bars. Really admire your determination and attitude. All the very best thoughts and wishes from Albury!”

“Well done on ACA last night. You are doing great to get the word out!”

“I don’t know you, but I just wanted to let you know that I think you are really brave and inspiring in your endeavours to make sure no one else is out through what you (and many others) have already been through. Stay strong and good luck.”

“Loving the work your doing to stop this grub! Well done.”

“I just watched the ACA video, and wanted to pass on my support. I have been following your Facebook page and stuff about this guy, and I just wanted you to know that I think you’re doing something great. I hope that you are ok, you must be feeling incredibly hurt as well as angry and used, and that’s disheartening. I hope you can move past this, and find someone worthy of your trust.”

“Hey Daisy. I saw you on ACA. Sorry to hear you and your family had such a bad experience. But you were fabulous on TV and no one will go near him.”

“Hi Daisy. I don’t really know you but I know your mum. I just saw ACA, and have been following your page. I wanted to tell you how proud I am for you making a stand against this mongrel. You are saving ladies everywhere and are very brave. I Hope the law catches up with this prick! So glad you and your family are safe. Stay strong and I hope you find a man worthy of such an intelligent, integral beautiful young lady. Best of luck xx”

“Well done on ACA Daisy. I feel sick knowing you were hurt but you are doing such a great job trying to stop others from him. Keep your chin and I truly hope this scumbag gets what’s coming.”

“Well done for fighting the good fight! Love your work and help for others in the same situation.”

Well done Daisy! I just watched the A Current Affair program you have done so well. Extremely proud of you! He’s a creep and needs to be locked up!”

“Despicable being – throw him to a bunch of women and we’ll sort him out!”

“Great story & great work!”

“I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this on A Current Affair! Wow! Good on you Daisy!”

“I hope this scumbag gets jail. He makes a bad name for guys like me looking for someone special.”

“Love and support to decent people and friends. Share and snooker this shite. Save more innocent people.”

“I admire your families strength & character. I admire everything you are doing. You are a champion for using your hurt and anger and channelling it into something worthwhile. Ignore the ignorant and the defenders. He is truly a piece of work & deserves everything he gets out of this. You are an inspiration & I know you have saved countless women (and men by the looks of it) from being conned. Perhaps someone’s life. I believe he would be capable of it if he continued to live that lifestyle.

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