Other People’s Stories

Here are the stories that people have submitted to me since I started my campaign.

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“OK, I have a hunch I might have also been on a date with this guy, though I cannot for the life of me remember what he called himself (“Jay” – is ringing a bell). The lead-up was a very many weeks of messages and phone calls and many failed attempts to hook up (he kept changing the date, which was so weird). During this time, he told me more bull5hit than I care to remember. He told me he was once a Calvin Klein underwear model, an ex olympian, was currently an architect (and a builder), who was currently lecturing in sustainable building design (or something similar), an artist, an inheritor of a small fortune (which he chose to spend building schools in – I cannot remember where). He kept gloating about being a member of Mensa, and was so eager to try to impress with big words and his knowledge of literature and the classics (which was superficial, at best). He also told me that he had nursed his previous partner who died of cancer. He told me his family had a property on the Mornington Peninsula, and that he rescued horses, and was an equestrian of note. He contacted me on POF, and in the end, I really met him more out of curiosity than anything else, in the end. We had a glass of wine and shared a plate of tapas. He pigged more than his fair share down and lacked manners. I asked for the bill, and it was around $40, and we each out in a $20. The brought a few dollars change, which he promptly pocketed. I turned to him and said “I think we could bring ourselves to leave, the change for the tip, couldn’t we?!” He was exposed and embarrassed and he skittered away into the rainy Melbourne night.”

I was a beauty therapist in Quirindi and Brett Joseph booked in for a massage (at this point he was actually dating a work colleagues daughter) and he talked to me the whole way through the 1 hour massage. I felt very uncomfortable. He told me things along the lines of he would let me stay in his mansion in Chelsea, London, that his family owned a horse stud, how wealthy he was etc etc. finally the massage was over then he rebooked for a week later. I tried to remain professional and booked him in. Within half an hour I had a message on the work phone (our work phone was a mobile, so it was a text) saying “that felt so good you really hit the spot 😉 Love B xx” at that point I felt so uncomfortable I spoke to my boss and he suggested to cancel his next appointment and just say I was double booked. This guy is creepy and sooo good at manipulating.”

“This is so strange I was in the doctors surgery when I saw him come on the TV for ACA. I met him years ago. We met on Facebook and he kept asking to meet me. So I told him to come to a BnS ball at Paruna he had that same story of being some heir to a farm and an agronomist. I saw on his Facebook some pictures of a girl from Tasmania and he said she was his ex. So I trusted him until one night when he majorly cracked the shits at me because I wouldn’t sleep with him that night. I was suspicious about him actually still being in a relationship with that girl so I sent her an inbox telling her what had happened and she believed me and thanked me for telling her what a pig he really was.

He was so dodgy. I can’t believe he’s been doing this for so many years to so many women. He was really charming.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I broke his heart and made him cry back in 2009, I was working and living in Moss Vale at the time.

I knew he was full of rubbish from the beginning, telling me his family were super wealthy and had a property in Mudgee that had been in the family for so long it even had their own church on the estate…..and he was studying agriculture….and he had his real estate license and wanted to move up to the NT to be with me and already had a job lined up with Elders, I told him it was not a good idea and stopped talking to him…..I had already dumped him when I saw him at Mudgee when I was there for a sheep show, and I yelled at him in a pub full of people for being a weird little stalker and told him to leave me the fuck alone….and he cried and ran away and I never saw him again…..until today when I saw a story on him on Daily Mail!”

“I met Brett on RSVP in 2011. I live in Mt Gambier. We went on a few dates and he said he fell in love with me at first sight. He said he would take me overseas, wanted to get married! He was very keen from the start and this is what worried me a bit! I had gut feeling something wasn’t right!

He told me that he was rich and dropped a few names who he was the heir to but to me didn’t mean a thing! Showed me a mansion which was his family home. He said he worked for brayer as an agronomist and I happened to turn up when one of his work mates was at his house And that person really did work there! So with my understanding he was working down here. I googled him and it came up that he was an actor! I asked about it and he said he wasn’t anymore and had asked for it to be taken down.

We went to the Naracoorte show where he judged sheep and I got annoyed with him talking to a girl! I tried to end it and he got really nasty. Luckily I decided to listen to my gut instinct and didn’t see him any more! Luckily! It was a real eye opener for my first dating experience!

I then met a person who lived in Mudgee and who knew the family! He lived in town and not on a farm! His mum worked in the local mitre 10 shop! I have been wondering what he has been up to! I found the story from A Current Affair and thought wow! I’m so lucky i broke it off! He was so keen to live with me after a week and we had a family farm.

I was a single mum with two boys so it was scary to think about it! But i didn’t have any money anyway! I always wondered why he went after me! It was my friend from Mudgee who made me aware of him again just last week! So sorry to hear what he did to you! I hope he is stopped!”

“This guy was messaging me just last week. He said his name was James and he was new to the Dallas area and recently out of a relationship. It didn’t go anywhere because he seemed shady. Now I know my intuition was correct.”

“The very first thing i remember Brett doing that was NOT taken seriously…

His parents were very good close friends with a lovely family who owned a winery in Mudgee. Brett and his family frequented the winery every weekend. Brett used to greet the customers as they arrived – little did we know he was telling them that he owned the winery. He then turned up at his school with a cheque book from the winery with the butts of the book reading things like Learjet and helicopter.

Who knew this would escalate like this!”

“I met him on the last night of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo on February 4th. He was at the syndicate sale that day. He actually went to San Angelo with a friend of mine thereafter and at least went out with her several times. He donated $750 to our rodeo programs sales committee. He was telling us that he was buying a ranch in Denton , Texas. Was very chummy with some of the men in the stock show syndicate so made it very believable. He also said he had a suite at the super bowl in Houston that Sunday. He went by Brett Clarke and Brett Goodman I believe. He was driving a truck don’t remember what type.”

See Stephanie’s story by clicking here.

He’s a grub. I questioned him at Camden saleyards one time cause he was saying he owned King Ranch Australia. He even had a book in his back pocket with King Ranch written on it. I personally know the people here in Australia that own King Ranch. He tried to fob me off with a pathetic excuse, so I questioned him more. He was pretty huffy and puffy in the end.”

“Good on you for your efforts in warning people about Brett. I met him maybe 2009-2010 and he latched on pretty hard because he assumed my family had money however when his stories started falling apart after a week or two I started asking questions and was categorically warned off him so I cut him out of my life. I got lucky. Very lucky. Hats off to you for having the guts to call out his bullshit.”

N.B. This message came from  man, which again demonstrates that Brett has no preferences, as long as the person can give him what he wants.

“My lord. He tried to convince my uncle to buy his cattle ranch from him. My uncle told him to go away and that he didn’t trust him. Then my cousin said she saw him at a gas station in Dallas. She said that he tried to charm her – until her husband came out of the store.”

“I met him last Friday at McKinney Trades Day in McKinney, TX! He was buying cowboy boots and started talking to me. He told me that he owns a rang in Anna, TX and was looking to buy additional ranches. I am a farm and ranch realtor and gave him my card. He said that his family owned hundreds of thousands of acres in Australia and ran several hundred thousand head of cattle. He said that they were selling off their land in Australia and investing in Texas.”

“He is using the name Brett McLaughlin and saying he is from the McLaughlin family in Australia. He has been frequenting the western store where by boyfriend works. He is driving around in a brand new white Nissan Titan and tells people that he lives in Denton, TX.

He offered one of the employees a job managing a horse ranch he owned and said that he was talking to his attorneys and drawing up papers to hire employees. He offered his $80,000 a year, and would give him one of the two King Ranch trucks he just purchased. Another part of the deal was that he would live on the ranch in the main house, so he gave notice on his current place and now has to find somewhere else to live, which isn’t easy when you own horses. He also said that he wanted to talk to my boyfriend about helping him with a cattle business, which is when I started looking up details about him. I couldn’t find the name Brett mentioned anywhere in the McLaughlin family. Still, at that point I thought he could have been a cousin. Then we obtained the address of the ranch he said he bought for my boyfriends colleague to work on. We googled the address and it was a $3 million property. At that point Brett had cancelled 3 meetings with my boyfriend in which he was supposed to discuss possible employment opportunities and I had become suspicious. So I checked the tax rolls and his name was not listed on the property. Then I contacted 4 different real estate agents and each confirmed that the house was still occupied by the owners and had been on the market for 234 days.”

“I met him last Friday in McKinney, TX. He told me that he lives on his new ranch in Anna, TX.”

“I met this guy 2 days ago at the Fort Worth Stock Show and he fed me the same bullshit stories. I googled him and found your page He said he was a multi-millionaire who owns King Ranch Australia and told me the story about his grandfather being the first the import King Ranch cattle and horses to Australia. He even had the King Ranch running W on his money clip. He said that he owns, thoroughbreds, cutting horses and oil wealth and had just bought 2 ranches he just purchased near the Fort Worth Metroplex. Thank God I found your pages!”

“I was casually seeing him around mid to late 2012. I met him online, but also through a friend as I worked for Bayer as an Agronomist a few years before. He was definitely working at Bayer full time as an Agronomist in Mount Gambier during that time, but they ended up terminating his employment for reasons I never quite got told the truth. Apparently, he was sexually stalking a girl who worked at Elders who put in formal complaints. He was also doing dodgy stuff, like booking down super expensive driving lights on Bayer accounts saying the original ones on his work ute had been stolen, but he was keeping the originals for himself. Just stuff like that. Like you, he was quite interested in me as I was off a farm and my parents collect old, expensive cars.

He was always asking to come home with me to the farm but I never took him home because I knew my parents wouldn’t like him. I just always had a weird vibe. I had a BMW convertible at the time, and he was always wanting to drive it by himself and would get sooky when I wouldn’t let him drive it. He talked marriage with me, yet was seeing other girls in Mount Gambier at the same time. He apparently got an STI too around the end of our relationship, I found out through a friend that he’d given one to a girl she knew. He always used to get phone calls that he would take outside the car, never once answered anything that I could hear. He was constantly on his blackberry, and secretive with it.

He told me he was related to the Myer family (on his Mums side), his name was Brett Hunter Bailleu Joseph and his family owned ‘Havilah’ homestead and Hereford stud. He showed me lots of photos of the house and farm. He also said his Dad was involved in gold mines. He apparently studied Ag Science and had his helicopter licence too. He said his family was looking to purchase properties in SA, and I know he was talking to a real estate agent in Mount Gambier about buying a property called ‘Nangwarry Station’. It’s an old prestigious farm that the only way the farmer would sell would be if the money on offer was huge. Apparently he looked at it, not sure which real estate agent it was through. He also had the sale catalogue for Uardry Station, which his parents apparently bought. I smelled a rat when the sale went through and I knew that a farmer I know had actually purchased it.

We went to an old furniture auction, where he took my number and bought a whole lot of antique furniture that I had to end up paying for (probably $2k worth). It was one of the final straws for me, so I ended up getting my parents to help me pick up my stuff and that was that. Only a few months later I googled his name, and that first ACA segment popped up where he ripped off the hospital in Sydney.

He is such a pathetic, disgusting man. I’m so sorry you went through what you did. Good on you for bringing him to light. xx.”

“I met Brett him on Tinder in early June and we spoke a little. We got each other’s numbers and I spoke to him on the phone once. He told me that he owned a farm at Carrathool, had quarter horses, had his own chopper and was about to buy and F-Truck to tow his gooseneck. I realized I had a friend in Carrathool and I asked him about Brett. He had no idea who he was, but knew you and your family. Brett would never tell me what his actual name was and where the farm was. I had suspicions and in the end I found him on Facebook which lead me to your Facebook. I questioned him about having a girlfriend and he denied it. I haven’t spoken to him since late July.

“I used to talk to countrybloke86 on POF. I only just recognised him when I watched the ACA video. I spoke to him a fair bit but was very suss about him because he would never send photos of his face and he could never really keep a story straight. He would only ever message me late at night and want to talk about sex. I personally found him to be a bore and felt like he just couldn’t hold a conversation. He said he owned a farm and I don’t own any property and I’m not very country so I don’t think I appealed to him very much
If I had of known he had a partner I would have told him where to go!
Good on you for exposing him!”

“I just wanted to congratulate you on your campaign and tell you how brave you have been. A good friend of  mine used to be on the committee if the Mudgee Show Society. The real Hunter Ballieu White was also on the committee and so was Brett Joseph. He would tell me about the meetings and what a pain in the neck Brett Joseph was. I suppose that’s how Brett came up with the persona of Hunter Ballieu. This guy really does his research. Of course this is just before the ACA story broke in 2012 about St Vincent’s. We hadn’t heard much about him since except for when he went to the funeral of the trainer and said he was Tom Waterhouse!

About 3 weeks ago another friend of mine told me that he had seen Brett in Mudgee at Coffee Break. He was all dressed up in Coolmore Stud clothing telling the girls serving that he was a Coolmore Rep selling Stallion Services. It’s quite strange that he would be doing these things in his home town where so many people know him. As far as I know Coolmore have been advised about this.

I’m so glad you’ve outed him as who knows how many other people could be hurt. Good on you and keep up your good work.”

“Daisy I continue to be amazed by your wonderful work to get this scum revealed, and your strength and courage considering it’s so close to your own hurt.

A friend and I met Brett on a flight from a week or so before the Royal Wedding. We were working as flight attendants at the time. He told my friend that he was going to the Royal Wedding and would take her as a date. He gave the whole Myer heir story and said his name was Hunter Baillieu, but that his full name Brett Hunter Baillieu-Joseph – he knew we would be able to see his name, Brett Joseph, on the flight manifest. We found his Facebook at the time and it was Hunter Baillieu-Joseph. He was calling himself Hunter and said his mum’s maiden name was Baillieu. He said that it wasn’t actually on his birth certificate but he still went by it. He knew the entire history of Myer and the family.

He sent photos of himself in his suit going to the Royal Wedding. He said he was staying in the Ritz, but the photo was in a cheap hotel room. When we called him out on it and he said it was the changing rooms. He then sent a stock image of the Ritz.

What a scum. You’re doing such a good thing and making a difference. Wonder what he is doing now, hopefully digging a hole that he can crawl into.”

“Friends of mine went to Tocal Agriculture College in about 2007/2008 and knew him as Brett Inglis. He said he was buying some prized bulls for the Agricultural School but when his cheque bounced his lies came out and he vanished.

Bi-polar disorder is periods of mania accompanied with periods of depression – he doesn’t fit the criteria for this illness. That is why no one wants to help him.

Keep on keeping on. He ruins lives and has to be stopped.”

“My friend got conned by ‘Hunter’.  He slept with her and totally conned her. He was going to take her to the polo in his helicopter, to crown casino on dates and a lot of other things. It messed with her head for a long while.”

“Brett told me his dad was on the board of one of the mines in Appin and so was able to get Brett a job in rejuvenation. At that time Brett said he had just bought a house in Cobbitty, NSW. Brett also told me that he and his parents wanted to set up a trust fund for my special needs kids – even though I had kicked him out.

He is a predator of sorts. I hope the courts see him as the dangerous man he is. He left me with massive trust issues, panic attacks and a post traumatic experience. These issues also meant the ones around me suffered too. He is a very dangerous and foolish boy.”

“He was spinning yarns when I met him at the Vinery stallion parade in about 2013. He told me he had 2 Cox slates and the very first Melbourne Cup at his dad’s place that his family won with their horses. I asked “oh so you have Peter Pan’s Melbourne Cup?”  He said “ah no some other horse”. I said “well the first Melbourne cup was won by Peter Pan and I said if you have that then you should have two of them because Peter Pan won the first two Melbourne Cups. He also said he had Kingston Town’s Cox plates on the wall – I’m a big fan of the King so I asked who hid dad was ( remember he apparently had 2 Cox Plates – Kingston Town won 3). Anyhow, I was picking holes in his stories left right and centre and that shut him up. He was hiding from a lady at the parade too, can’t remember who she was or what happened, but first chance he got he left there like a dog with its tail between its legs.”

“He pretended to be a executive for a coal mining company and managed to order a fleet of 10 Hilux utes from a local Toyota dealership.”

“You are doing great work, don’t let morons get you down. Brett has affected so many people and instead of fighting they want to bury their heads in the sand. People are spouting mental illness but even at high school he was acting like a dickhead. If he was truly impaired by mental illness I’m sure the police would have put him in a hospital for evaluation. Anyways keep up the good work, the world needs more people like you.”

“I wanted to congratulate you for your perseverance in putting this prick’s face out there and hopefully stopping him for good. I have seen firsthand the deception he is capable when I was a student at Tocal Ag College. As I’m sure you are already aware back then he called himself Brett Inglis and told the usual story of owning racehorses and private jets etc . He is the most slimy, creepy fucker I’ve ever met and would do and say anything to sleep with or get money out of people. Keep up the good work.”

“He was chasing my friend and tried to make his way into her family. He was really creepy and wouldn’t leave her alone.”

“By chance your page popped up in my news feed and I recognised this creep immediately! He and I were Facebook friends through a mutual friend and me being a naive 18 year old girl (this was in 2012) thought he was dreamy! He then started to emotionally abuse me and threaten my family and high school boyfriend when I said I couldn’t talk to him anymore, although we’d never even met in person! I hope you get justice for what this scumbag has done!

P.S. He also told me that he owned some amazing old stables on a beautiful old station but the details of this are kinda hazy, maybe in Victoria somewhere but all details/messages have long been deleted.”

I knew a girl back in around 2005-6 and she hooked up with him. He said he was an agronomist for Bayer – thinking back I remember thinking it was weird because he looked way too young to have finished uni. Anyway, to cut a long story short he gave her an STI. She tried to contact him but his business card was a fake!

I think you are absolutely courageous and selfless for seeing to it he doesn’t go on with hurting people.”

“I was sitting down to eat my dinner watching ACA and nearly choked when I saw that face pop up on the screen!! I’m a flight attendant and was unfortunate enough to have him on a flight back in around 2014. He was sitting in business class and even the ground crew advised us we had a ‘VVIP’ on board. He was very charming, gave all the crew chocolates. He said when he flies on Christmas Day he always buys the crew gifts from Tiffany & Co. Anyway, he honed in on me, told me he was a vet, his father a top cosmetic surgeon, mother was a High Court Judge and heavily involved in the horse racing industry. I gave him my number and he proceeded to send me a strange variety of photographs, the oddest being one of him as a little boy sitting on a tractor with his dad (which I deleted). The others were him in a suit, him on a horse, being a vet (which I have attached). I got a creepy vibe from him so just stopped answering his messages and blocked his number.

You go girl for outing him! Onwards and upwards for you girlfriend!

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“Just wanted to let you know I had a friend send me the following screenshots. As soon as he asked if his name was Brett the profile vanished.”

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“Brett used to be a regular customer of mine about 18 months ago at a corner shop I work at. Definitely very charming. After a while he vanished. So sad he’s screwed all of you lovely women over. I remember once giving him a parcel addressed to his address that said “Brett Johnson” and said “ah they got your name wrong!” He said something along the lines of “damn. They always do that.”  Of course I didn’t think anything of it at the time!

“I can’t remember what year it was but this guy come to Wentworth Park Greyhounds pretending to be Tom Waterhouse and chatting up ladies.”

“I met him a few years ago when he supposedly lived in Werris Creek. He claimed he was the owner of King Ranch and was a real Romeo. He said was in the NCHA when I asked a friend who is on the NCHA breeding committee he had never heard of Brett. He was known then as Brett Jones. He questioned me about my life intensely. I wasn’t interested and stopped talking to him when apparently him and his family when to Thailand for a holiday. Well done for doing all this!”

I had a call months ago from a Brett Johnson wanting to purchase a large tract of irrigation and grazing country in the Gunbar/Carrathool area .With an email address containing “King Ranch” and discussions as to where the corporate jet could be landed, even old codgers, experienced stock and station agents like myself and a colleague were “sucked in”, doing quite a lot of research, contacting potential sellers etc. Inspections were always going to be “next week” and obviously didn’t eventuate.

Brett Joseph then appeared at various auctions and clearing sales etc. We had no idea they were one and the same until I read your story and the name Brett Johnson clicked.

What a low life. Good on you for getting this out in the open Daisy.

The wider the spread, the greater the chance this idiot will hit the wall …big time we hope.

This bloke came into my work about 2 years ago and was dribbling crap about owning a large property in Quirindi called “King Ranch Australia”. He said that he had a quarter horse stud, boasting about his “top” bloodlines, he even gave me the name of his stallion which I looked up and it did exist in the AQHA stud book. He also claimed to own or have shares in many highly successful racehorses and that he owned a thoroughbred stud in the Hunter Valley. He also paid with a cheque that bounced and whenever we would contact him to try and get the money he was either in China and didn’t have his card on him or out doing farm work and his wallet was “up at the house”. The business has still not been paid.

I met Brett on Ok Cupid during 2014. He said he was from Tamworth and worked as an Agronomist for Bayer Crop Science. I thought something seemed odd about him but couldn’t put my finger on it. I should have trusted my gut but I didn’t and I thought he seemed nice even though we had nothing in common. He started visiting every weekend for a few months before telling me he was going to move down to me to give our relationship a go. He was only employed for a couple of months and lived with my parents and I (only a temporary arrangement I might add). After 10 months and numerous months of his manipulation, lies and abusive mind games did he leave. He played on my emotions and was emotional and mentally abusive something that has severely affected me. He was super secretive of his phone and would walk down the paddock to make calls and never answer it in front of me. If I asked who it was he would lose it. He threatened to kill myself when I told him to leave and tried to propose to me as well as suggested having a baby after I broken things off. He also tried to force himself on me after we broke up. It was a nightmare.

His parents are also useless. His mum asked me could I would forgive him if he went back on his meds. She also told me that Brett doesn’t lie – he just gets confused. They also have a lot to answer for if you ask me!

What he has done to so many people makes me sad – but I am also relieved I wasn’t the only one. The other sites and girls I was aware of but the advertising on gay sites made me feel sick. Thank you for standing up to him. It’s been going on for too long.

I’m sad to say I was conned for a short period of time by “Brett Ingham” while he and you were together. I work in the mines in WA (Pilbara) and he said that he was scoping out land in the area and to buy cattle. I spoke to him briefly over two weeks beginning in June, but by the end of the two weeks weeks he started getting really explicit and making sexual comments etc. I told him after that I wasn’t interested in speaking to him anyone and deleted his number. Then recently he contacted me again and asked to take me on a date. I said no and good luck finding a date. I’m really sorry you had to go through that! But also really chuffed that you stood up for yourself and make this man accountable for his actions. Thanks for making this page. Xx.

P.S. I’m assuming the pics are your farm too?

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“I met Brett on Tinder in June. He told me he was an Ingham, and had the family knowledge (and photos) to back this up, so I didn’t for a second doubt him. We were in contact for the 2.5 months up until I saw your Facebook post.

In that time he not only told me about the numerous racehorses he owned (Winx included), he actually offered me a horse called Loophole when he retires from the track to start his next career as a dressage horse.

He told me he was managing the racehorse breeding program and also claimed to be involved in the management of the chicken farms.

Like with any new potential relationship there were questions that at the time seemed completely normal (what did I do for work, did I have siblings, what did my parents do), I now realize he was profiling me to see if I had the means to sustain the life he wanted and if there was anything that he could claim to owning to the next girl(s).

We had made plans a couple of times to meet up, but these always got cancelled (with what at the time seemed legitimate reasons). The morning after you kicked him out (which I didn’t know at this stage), he suggested we get together that weekend, I said I could head out to him, to which he replied “or I can come for a stay over for a night or two”. I honestly believe if I hadn’t seen your post, there is every chance he would have come down for the weekend, and not left. So thank you!

Even when I confronted him, he still tried to bullshit his way out, claiming the only mistruth was his name, but that he was a horse breeder and farmer, I knew better. When he realized he wasn’t going to get anywhere with me, he played the mental health card, and even said that he’d tried to kill himself the previous night. I don’t take to claims like that lightly, and told him so.

He’s nothing but a delusional, narcissistic, scumbag.

What you have achieved so far in getting his name(s) and face out to the public, is nothing short of amazing! Your strength through this ordeal is a true show of your character, and you should be so proud of yourself.

I am eternally grateful to you! Xx.”

“He told me that his name was Brett Ingham and that he lived a multi millionaire life. He said that he owned Winx and a lot of other successful racehorses as well as a 36,000 acre sheep, cattle, cotton and rice station near Hay. He told me that he flies there himself in his plane and lands on the airstrip.”

“He told me that his name was Brett Ingham, that he was a multi-millionaire and the heir to the Ingham family fortune – amongst many other mistruths. I thought he was a creep and I knew you were his girlfriend, so I told him to bugger off.”


“I met him on Tinder in about January. He told me that he had just bought a pub in Orange. After one quick conversation I decided I wasn’t interested and stopped talking to him.”

“I was up at the hospital one night with a friend and he told her he was a doctor. He had all the tags etc, dressed right and said all the right things. Luckily one of the girls with us knew who he was!”

“He texted me from 5 March until 20 March. He was Brett Jay and was involved in horse racing and was the son of a very prominent racing family.”

“I was also a victim of Brett’s scams when I was in Tasmania many years ago. These days I live less than an hour from you. Last I heard Brett was in SA. I am bit freaked out that we ended up living so close after all these years. Big congrats to you for putting it out there – you are super brave! Your story sounds similar to mine (and probably many others). You sound like an amazing and very brave woman, so I hope he hasn’t dented your confidence. For years I believed it was my fault – it wasn’t, and it isn’t your fault either.”

“I met him 2-3 years ago on Tinder. He was smooth, told me all the right things. Told me he lived at Werris Creek and worked as a research agronomist for Bayer. He said that he bred working dogs and quarter horses – even told me the name of his stallion (which exists in the stud book). The book says it is owned by King Ranch (that’s when I first thought this guy is loaded, or a fraud, most likely a fraud). I just thought it was odd we had so much in common but no mutual friends. My house mate found the online article about him conning St Vincent’s hospital and I blocked him immediately – so I’ve never met him in person.

He told me his name was Brett James. During the 2 weeks or so we were chatting he bought 3 horses at the Upper Horton horse sale and wrote a dodgy cheque which bounced. I went to the cops and told them, they laughed at me and told me to stay off Tinder!”

“Has anyone looked at a Facebook group called “I hate fake rurals” ? He was running his mouth off on here under the name of Brett Joseph while he was living in either Tasmania or around Mt Gambier.

I was told years ago that Brett had “Asperges” by his parents!…what a joke!

If the parents are “social piriahs” in Mudgee how come his mother has kept working as a school crossing supervisor and his father s a bus driver. They are still driving around town in their own vehicles? They never skipped a beat after the ACA viewing. It also hasn’t stopped her from “looking down her nose” or portraying that she is above everyone else either.

What really concerns me is his “threats” to commit suicide….WHAT IF one of his victims has either attempted or actually has committed suicide because of this low life? People may not be forthcoming if this was the case? Or what if they can’t?

Another concern is that while his family have acknowledged that he has done wrong (by blaming others). Not once has there been any apology to the victims.

I am so sorry that you and your family have been affected by this scum. I am proud of the strength you have which has opened up a forum for people to help not just you but others affected and god willing may prevent future heartache for others.”

“I met Brett at a clearing sale in Leeton. He told me his family owned Ingham’s chicken. I was still with my boyfriend and despite having my boyfriend there as soon as I was away from him, Brett jumped at the chance to talk to me. He bought me a claw foot bath and an antique timber box, IN FRONT OF MY BOYFRIEND! He was going around boasting saying he just harvested so many millions of dollars worth of cotton and he could afford it. He also said he was a fully qualified vet. I bet that was a lie too. When split up with my ex and got on tinder he super liked me, and got so creepy from there.

He was speaking to me quite a lot over the past couple of months or so, most of the time dirty talk and I didn’t want a bar of it. On the 31st of August he rocked up at my place of work and was there for two hours! He said that was he was passing through on his way to Narrandera to look at a 10,000 acre farm. He popped in in the morning then come back at lunch with the brochure from the property – I thought he was strange so my mum distracted him. I was scared. When she walked up behind him, he was on my tinder profile looking at my photos. He wanted to catch up with me after work but I was busy and said no. I wouldn’t have done so anyway. I was scared for my safety.

Honestly the effort he went to to chase me was ridiculous, I never went there because I did not trust him, he seemed sly and I felt like if something didn’t go his way he would have done everything in his power to make my life difficult. He never hurt me, but I am so terribly sorry for what he has done to you.

I hope this ruins his life just like how by the sounds of it, he’s done it to others.”

“I’m sorry this has taking me so long to tell you but I thought you should know Brett tried messaging me too about a month and a half ago. I had just broken up with *** and saw him on tinder, I didn’t accept him on there but he then added me on Facebook. He mostly wanted to talk to me about ‘owning’ Winx and Preferment and how he wanted to take me to the races to see them run and that I could be his guest for Royal Ascot next year, I looked up their ownership and didn’t see him there and thought he must be within one of the syndicates so I didn’t think too much of it.

He then told me things had been rocky between the two of you and he was trying to discreetly find out what else was out there, I told him it was inappropriate for him to be messaging me like that when he had a girlfriend and mostly ignored him after that and he eventually gave up trying to talk to me mid-August.

Looking back through the conversation I realised he tried to ask a lot of personal questions about myself and what my family did etc. I really admire how brave you have been through all of this and getting the word out, if this had happened to me I probably would have just fallen in a heap and given up.”

“If you’re still looking for more things he’s done, I have another identity for you – Matty Johnson. I ‘met’ him on Tinder about this time last year, a Sydney lawyer looking for hook-ups. I am convinced he’s Brett as it turns out they were “friends and owned horses together” – but there were so many holes in the story. I obviously never actually met Matty in person (his profile picture was of a good looking blonde guy) but he told me about his mate Brett and made the ‘introduction’ in January. Later down the track Brett would mention things I’d only told “Matty”. I actually asked Brett if he was Matty (as crazy as that sounds to a normal person) and of course he denied it – apparently Matty just dropped off the radar as he’d moved overseas.”

“Matty Johnson (Brett) added me on Facebook last year. He got blocked pretty quickly !

“Omg. Matty Johnson added me too and was messaging me! Told me he was Brett’s cousin! Tried to talk dirty to me a few times and I told him to stop being inappropriate and stopped messaging him back! He even sent me a gross dick pic that I didn’t even ask for! I blocked him after that!! What a dickhead!!!”

“He told me that he was back living with his parents in Wagga. He said that he had bought a farm near Griffith all his horse prize money winnings and took it over 1st July. But somehow the furniture in the house all came with it. The kangaroo that HE hand reared and the 14 dogs were all his from his parent’s farm. He sent me pics of the farm from the air, inside the house and the animals. I’m guessing all the pics he sent me of are probably your place! He also sent me a picture of your two dogs them telling me they were his (gorgeous dogs by the way).

He also said he’d bought a $2.4 million house in Melbourne so he could spend more time with me and said I could work with him managing the farm etc. He’d told me he was going to fly down to Melbourne in ‘his plane’ from his ‘new farm’ next weekend so we could spend the weekend shopping for furniture. He kept trying to paint this image of us living a wonderful millionaire lifestyle together.

It absolutely totally disgusts me that he did all this while being with you, and I’m so sorry! Had I known I definitely would have told him to go away.”

“I just wanted to let you know how incredibly brave you are. I’m so pleased you are doing this for yourself and all the other young ladies.

We lived in Mudgee for a time. When my daughter was little she went to a dance school in the town. Each year they would have the end of year concert at the theatre. The dress rehearsal was also held there. At the dress rehearsal the children had to get changed into their costumes in the area where all the seats where in the theatre. One time I walked to the back of the theatre and that Brett Joseph was slouched down in the back row with a cap on and pulled down watching all the children getting undressed. I was so shocked. I complained to one of the supervisors and they had him kicked out.

He also turned up to the kids concert with a lanyard around his neck that said ‘Press’ and a camera around his neck. I’m sure he made it himself.”

“When I was with him for 6 months in 2013 he was Brett White from near Scone. He lived with and ripped me off, ran up bills, bounced cheques all over the place and made drama in my home town. He told me that his family lived in Warren and owned many properties in the NT and QLD. He told me that he had millions of dollars from his grandfather but it was in trust until he was 30. He told me he was agronomist for Bayer. He brought a poddy calf and a horse with him when he moved in – which I have now become aware, through your page, were stolen from the victim before me.”

“He is psycho. Scary psycho. I found out off a company he was supposedly working for about his fake name and the A Current Affair story. His dad lies and acts as a referee for him. He doesn’t even have a degree. I was suss when he used to always take his phone and wallet to the bathroom with him. I didn’t think he was charismatic enough to pull this sort of stuff off. He practically tried to move in with me straight away. It’s just that I like my personal space so I threw him out after 5 weeks. He stalked me for 6 months after I broke up with him to the point I was scared and had to move out of my house.

He left an ATM receipt on the table in front of me and he had $60,000 in his everyday savings account. He obviously drains people everywhere he goes – especially since he is pretty much unemployed. He didn’t get a stinking cent off me though the sucker.

He was under investigation two years ago and Crime Stoppers were appealing for information. I didn’t come forward at the time as I was scared what he would do to me.”

“He tried to move in with me a few years ago. He turned up at work a day after I met him, found my car in the car park and slept in his car parked beside mine for my entire 6 hour shift. He told me farmers are good at sleeping. He was really controlling and I don’t cope well with that. He told me all about his family fortune blah blah blah personally. I couldn’t have cared less about material things. He told me his mum had cancer so I wrote her a letter telling her everything he’d said and done and she apparently cried. He told me he is bipolar. When I knew him I’d just left my ex husband and he preyed on my vulnerability. I remember one day he dropped me to my friends house because I’d nagged for some “girl time”. He turned up in a brand new bright red HSV, jumped out and asked me if I liked it and what colour do I want? That afternoon I was hanging the washing out and he was less than a metre away from me just watching me. That night I asked him to leave. He turned up the next day to try to talk to me. He followed me to a doctor’s appointment, to the station and back home again. He wouldn’t leave me alone.”

“It’s not just woman he cons, he also cons young gay men from the country, a mate of mine has been chatting with him for a while (obviously while you were with him), he mentioned who he liked and I gave him all the info you have presented. He’s definitely a dodgy bastard. He’s has multiple AVOs, and stalked many women and men. His parents live in the area, they are a lot to blame for his issues as his mum used to claim they were well off and high up in the mining industry as managers and stuff… When in fact they were Labourers with nothing to their name.”

“He told me and a few other over beers that he was a manager at Bayer, and when we worked him out he just disappeared.”

“Brett pretended to be my uncle. He apparently got a lady pregnant and while pretending to be my uncle. He also pretend to be my father and purchased bulls. It is a worry that he is not in jail yet! I think it is great that you are speaking out about this horrible man and let’s hope he gets his just desserts!”

“I just wanted to let you know that i am so sorry for all that Brett has done to you and think you’re so brave for speaking up and exposing him for what he is. I knew him at Tocal Ag College but didn’t really associate with him because he creeped me out…something just wasn’t right for day dot. I know he went by the name Brett Inglis and was the son of the Inglis family who owns horses. I hope that something can be done to stop him.”

“He tried to trick me back in 2012 and tried to convince me to let him move in with me. Looking at his photo gives me the creeps now. He had a meltdown and admitted some of the lies but also tried to blame it on an ex-girlfriend who’d aborted their baby. I kicked him out and he ended up in the mental health ward briefly – tried to blackmail me by saying he was going to commit suicide if I didn’t take him back. Thank god I got out when I did.”

“My friend set me up on a date with this bloke she met in Tasmania back in 2011 I think it was. Met him for lunch and knew immediately that he was a total creep. When I saw his story on A Current Affair a year later i contacted them and gave them another name he was using and number. I later found out he’d tried dating a couple of girls I knew in Tassie too. My sister ran into him again a couple of years ago working as an agronomist in Victoria. I didn’t think he had qualifications so god knows how he convinced his way into getting that role. Anyway, I’m pleased to see this group set up I still don’t know how he’s wandering the streets.”

“Unfortunately I went to uni with Brett in Armidale. In 2005 he was booted off campus and out of the Uni for impersonating Tom Waterhouse at a funeral in Armidale. This made the Daily Telegraph. I’m serious, the article is still somewhere. Absolutely out of this world.

Seriously strange bloke.

I hope that you find some solace in the fact you are not alone. Must be a very difficult time for you coming to terms with all this.

All the best.”

“I am very sorry to read about your grief. I hear you loud and clear – I was his teacher at School, but luckily never got burnt, myself.”

“Brett was in my year at school. I’m not surprised he has found himself in trouble again! He went to school in Mudgee. I was in his year at Mudgee High. He has always had identity issues and he even stalked me and a former partner for a number of months. He lived out of his car and would turn up at random places following us both.I had seen this segment on A Current Affair some time ago and was not surprised. Brett would regularly steal fake display phones from stores and walk around town pretending that he was talking to them. After the last incident that was reported to the media. I believe that his parents took him in and tried to change his behavior but it looks like that failed.”

“This man stalked my daughter when she was about 15, 14 years ago. The police were involved but couldn’t do anything as he hadn’t ‘done’ anything. In the end my nephews had a ‘chat’ to him and he left her alone. He soon moved on to stalk another girl. I believe and my daughter wasn’t the first girl he stalked. The police said at the time that with these type of people their behaviour gets more erratic as time goes on. I’m sorry that this happened to you but good on you for being brave enough to expose him.”

“Hi Daisy, just wanted to send you a message to say well done for everything you’ve done so far to “out” this utter grub! Frustratingly I did try to do this about 3 or 4 years ago, but the manipulative little creep threatened suicide, so we had to pull the story from printing.
I used to be the police reporter at **** , and got wind of the scam he had pulled at St Vincent’s Hospital. I tracked him down at his parents (very modest) house in Mudgee and confronted him. He played the “I’ve got mental health issues” and “please don’t embarrass my family” trick. Anyway, I was desperate for the story to publish, but sadly the little bastard rang our editor and threatened to kill himself if it was printed… So the story never ran.”

“I was talking to Brett or what ever his name is on tinder. I live in Kununurra in WA. He told me his family own Ingham chicken & he said he owned a cattle station in Kununurra! What a creep & con man.”

“He told me he was Brett Ingham. He had so much information on the whole Ingham family history that it was believable.”

“Another story from back in the early days was that he posed as a purchasing officer for Ulan Coal and was test driving vehicles. Not sure what the outcome of this was.”

“Oh my gosh this has sent chills down my spine as I see this despicable man face on my news.com news feed. I have unfortunately fallen for Brett garbage antic’s in the past also. This happen a few years back & when I caught him out and confronted him. which resulted in him ‘apparently’ attempting to take his life.”

“I’m not sure if anyone else has alerted you to the fact that Brett was in the media in 2005 for another scam. He attended the funeral of horse trainer Tony Hewitt in Armidale, and claimed to be Robbie Waterhouse.

Someone at the funeral eventually realised he wasn’t who he said he was, and he fled.

While Brett wasn’t named in the story in the Telegraph, it said he was a student at UNE and was last seen leaving the scene in a green VW Golf.

I don’t have a copy of the article but I believe the headline was “I’m Gai’s son and I’m here for the funeral”.

Word around Mudgee at the time was that he was expelled following that incident after UNE administration looked into him and found that he had been accepted on principal’s recommendation letters. Rumour has it his letters of recommendation had been faked.

Regarding the St Vincent’s Hospital donation scam, my husband and I followed that. When A Current Affair reported the story originally, I contacted the hospital’s PR contact (who I knew) and explained Brett’s history. My husband spoke to the Herald who contacted Brett for a comment. The only reason they did not proceed with the story was that he threatened suicide if it was reported. I’m sorry you had to encounter this scumbag, and I’m glad someone has had the guts to take his behaviour public. ”

“Brett used to stalk a girl I know very dearly when they were 17. He used to follow her home 10km out of town in the middle of the night. We are from Mudgee, this entire town is more than familiar with him being a disgrace of a human being. He has been like it since day dot. Good on you for all that you are doing. I hope you get the closure you deserve.”

“Just heard about this on Brisbane radio station and I almost died that he’s still doing this. He did this to me back in 2005. He was studying at UNE in Armidale and I was at school there. We met from a mate who lived in Mudgee and then started to hang out. So he told me the whole ‘he owns a racehorse stud’ and he’s big in horse racing bringing ribbons and trophies to show me. After a couple of months I had to go back home as I was sick. I had a call from a friend to get the Daily Telegraph. Surprised to see on the 9th page was a massive article how he pretended to be Tom Waterhouse at a funeral of a well known trainer. He was there ‘on behalf of the Waterhouse family’ after people questioning him and realising it wasn’t Tom, he fled. I asked him if it was him (clearly knowing it was) of course he lied and said no. My parents intervened and it was all over. Then for months after I was getting hundreds of calls at all hours of the night from him saying he will kill himself, he has a gun to his head, he’s taken pills… The list goes on. Finally I got a new number and no more of his crap.I seriously can’t believe he’s still doing it! This was years ago! I hope he gets what he deserves!”

“I’ve been reading some of the other scams that he has been involved with, but I haven’t seen anything about the time he pretended to be a doctor (I’m pretty sure it was at Mudgee hospital) and he went around signing documents and looking at people’s charts etc, and also the time he went to a funeral (I think it was Armidale way) of a well known racing industry person, as Tom Waterhouse. These may have been in the early years of his conman activities.”

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