Brett’s Dating & Social Media Profiles

As you all probably assume, Brett had/has A LOT of different social media profiles and online dating profiles. His preferred social media name is brettjoseph1 and dating name countrybloke86 and I have found many profiles online using these names, which I have then posted to the Facebook page.

A few days ago I found Brett’s Twitter account – which was in another fake name that I had not heard of before – Hunter Baillieu Joseph! He had a number of tweets about Lara Worthington, Elizabeth HurleyShane Warne, the royal wedding and his is trip to the UK for the royal wedding! AS IF YOU WOULD BE INVITED TO THE ROYAL WEDDING BRETT – IT’S  LAUGHABLE!

So I posted it to the profile to the Facebook page and the following morning he had changed his name to Brett Joseph and had deleted) all the tweets.

So I can surmise from this that Brett is keeping a very close eye on the Facebook page and website and is changing and/or deleting his accounts as I make them public!

The following profiles been changed since being posted on my pages:


Since posting this profile to my pages he has changed his name from Hunter Baillieu Joseph to Brett Joseph and has deleted all his tweets (which were all full of rubbish anyway).

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His profile used to have cover photos of himself in the mounting yard when Winx won the 2015 Cox Plate and it looked like this:

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Now it looks like this:


The following profiles have been totally deleted:

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This one was deleted as soon as “Farmer” was asked if his name was Brett. Dead giveaway much?

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And this one hasn’t been deleted – but I suspect it will be as soon as Brett sees this post:


The fact that the asshole is deleting and changing his profiles as I post them  is amazing – because now I know that he is watching this page and can see how far and wide it is going, all your stories and how much support I have from you all to keep working to stop him from ever being able to do to another what he has done to me! I hope that you can see just how determined I, and so many others, are to stop you, you vile little creature!

We can also surmise from all these profile changes and deletions that Brett is in fact still on Facebook and online – despite his father telling ACA that he was not online and had shut down his Facebook account. Which means, unsurprisingly, that Wayne was lying.


7 thoughts on “Brett’s Dating & Social Media Profiles”

  1. Good work daisy! My sister & I both swiped right for Brett on tinder – my sister was pretty suspicious of all his horse racing achievements (like really, part owner of Winx??) and she thought he was just too good to be true. He told her he wasn’t looking for ‘anything serious’ as soon as he found out my parents property wasn’t a big one. I swiped right for Brett around the same time, but luckily I didn’t really engage in conversation with him as I didn’t like his name (as I had an ex called Brett). Dodged a bullet there! I’m sorry you had to go through that, here’s hoping that little bugger doesn’t do it to another unsuspecting girl !


      1. I’m not sure about my sister but I matched with him around the 23rd August and I live in Armidale, NSW (I thought I had my settings under 100kms, but saw that he was around 600kms away from me) when I ignored him he unmatched me about 1-2 weeks later. From memory he had the cox plate photo up & that one of him in the ute with the hat – can’t really remember the others. Hope that helps!! ☺️


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