An update

Hi all,

I have had quite a few messages of late with people wanting an update as to scumbag’s whereabouts and activities.

Here is what we know at the moment:

  • He is still living in Richmond, Texas with his “girlfriend”, who continues to believe his lies that he is a victim and that everything about him online is lies.
  • He is using the aliases “Brent” and “Bee Jojo” on Facebook and is still (unsurprisingly) using multiple dating sites to prey on his next victims.
    • He has managed to acquire himself a new vehicle. Not quite sure how he has managed that, whether it is fraud or he has conned someone into paying for it. But one thing is for sure – he doesn’t have the money to pay for it.

    • He has managed to get close to at least 2 other victims during his short stay in America, but, thankfully, they have managed to find this page and heeded the warnings. Same story – wealthy, oil baron, private plane, ranch – we have heard it all before!

    Please share this post/page as far and wide as the possible, because it is the only way we are going to stop others from getting hurt by this mongrel!


    It has come to my attention that everyone’s favourite conman has decided to return to the scene of his past misdiscretions, and returned to Texas.

    As far as I know, he is living with his new “girlfriend” in a town called Richmond, which is just outside of Houston. She continues to ignore everything online about Brett, and believe that he is the victim and everything said and written about him is lies.

    At this stage, it seems unlikely that she is going to be convinced otherwise. He will no doubt convince her to marry her, get his green card and then leave her high and dry. I’m not sure whether we can help her, but we can help the next victims by this warning out as far and wide as possible! One thing is for sure – he or she will already be talking to him on some kind of dating site, with no idea just what a scumbag he actually is.

    He arrived in the US over the weekend, so it’s only a matter of time before he starts targeting businesses in the area as well.

    He is active on Tinder, and using the alias Brent, and I have no doubt that he is also on every other dating site available.

    PLEASE share this warning with as many people as possible. It is vitally important, and could help save someone you know and love from suffering at the hands of this scumbag.

    PS. I’m not sure how many or which aliases he will be using, but he loves to use the King Ranch Australia name, so I’m sure that one will be being used!

    A New Victim

    I have had a lot of people in the Mudgee area contacting me worried about the welfare of a young American girl who Brett is currently toting around town.

    As far as I am aware, she has flown over from America to visit Brett after meeting him on a dating site, and is living with him and his parents. Apparently she is somewhat aware of his past, but I’d say that he has managed to convince her that the hundreds of men, woman and businesses with stories about Brett are all either jilted exes or liars. I know that there were times that I believed his lies and, looking back, should not have buried my head in the sand, but he is so manipulative and controlling that I did. Brett is a good bullshitter, but he isn’t that good, and at some point I’m hoping she delves into this story properly and realizes just how much danger she is in.

    If I had to bet, I would say he will be looking to marry her to get a green card – just like he did with the last American girl he was engaged to.

    In the meantime, Brett has been reportedly stalking and taking photos of minors on the school bus that his father drives. SO creepy! What kind of grown man does that – and, more to the point, what kind of father allows it!

    To add to that, there are also a number of reports of creepy behavior at his grandmothers nursing home.

    If you see this poor girl around town, please be kind to her, and try to get her to see that she is in real danger while she is anywhere near him.

    Court today

    Not good news unfortunately.

    The Magistrate has ruled that even though he believes the rings belong to Alanna, the police didn’t prove that Brett knew that they were stolen when he gave them to me.

    So he manages to get off, yet again, on a technicality.

    Definitely not the result we were hoping for, but we are trying to look at the positive here, which is that the national coverage that has come from us speaking out against Brett will make it extremely hard for him to find victims in future. When I started dating him, there was nothing online about him, and now there is mountains of stuff. The truth always comes out, and with the amount of stuff that is now online, it will be harder than ever for him to get away with everything he has gotten away for far too long.

    All we can hope for is that karma works it’s magic soon.

    Court Tomorrow

    Providing the magistrate doesn’t decide to adjourn for a third time, we should have a verdict tomorrow. We are told that it is unlikely that the matter will be adjourned for a third time, so fingers crossed.

    Our friends from Current Affair are here and are looking forward to producing yet another installment of the Brett Joseph saga! That segment should air towards the end of this week, but I’ll keep you all posted.

    We will let you all know what happens at Court as soon as we can. In the meantime, keep your fingers and toes crossed that justice prevails – for the sake of each and every one of his victims!

    Court today

    Just a quick update for everyone. The Magistrate has once again adjourned the verdict – the new date is 10 May. We aren’t quite sure why he decided to adjourn again, but hopefully this will be the last time. In the meantime, Brett is still on bail, which means he has to check in with the Mudgee Police multiple times and week, has no passport and a number of other restrictions.