A New Victim

I have had a lot of people in the Mudgee area contacting me worried about the welfare of a young American girl who Brett is currently toting around town.

As far as I am aware, she has flown over from America to visit Brett after meeting him on a dating site, and is living with him and his parents. Apparently she is somewhat aware of his past, but I’d say that he has managed to convince her that the hundreds of men, woman and businesses with stories about Brett are all either jilted exes or liars. I know that there were times that I believed his lies and, looking back, should not have buried my head in the sand, but he is so manipulative and controlling that I did. Brett is a good bullshitter, but he isn’t that good, and at some point I’m hoping she delves into this story properly and realizes just how much danger she is in.

If I had to bet, I would say he will be looking to marry her to get a green card – just like he did with the last American girl he was engaged to.

In the meantime, Brett has been reportedly stalking and taking photos of minors on the school bus that his father drives. SO creepy! What kind of grown man does that – and, more to the point, what kind of father allows it!

To add to that, there are also a number of reports of creepy behavior at his grandmothers nursing home.

If you see this poor girl around town, please be kind to her, and try to get her to see that she is in real danger while she is anywhere near him.

5 thoughts on “A New Victim”

  1. Is he planning to escape his stardom fame as a conartist to go to America for a fresh start. 😠 Did the court’s even convict him or has the court system failed victims?


    1. Brett’s day will come when he will be brought to account by someone, somewhere in the world. There are plenty of scumbags like this in the world so we must all be aware and care for each other.


  2. This sociopath will want something from his new victim, they always do… I can see it will be a green card to get out of this country, ( where people know about him). Only to start fresh all over again in a new country with his new victim….😡🤮.


    1. Are their photos of this scum.he wont last long in the US.once his pic is sent to the right ppl.he wont be safe anywhere over there


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