We have yet another new alias…. and he hasn’t ventured far from his “go to” names – this time he is using the name “Brad James”.

Brad is from Mudgee, works in the mines and lives in a farm near Mudgee with his family. Pity that the farm he is proudly showing his victims is actually my family’s farm!

He is using the fake profile of Will (click here to recap that part of the saga) to introduce himself to new victims – trouble is, it’s the same asshole behind both fake identities. He is definitely on Tinder, POF and Grindr using these profiles, so please be vigilant and share this latest update as far and wide as you can! We know that where there is one victim, there are bound to be others!

We have the verdict coming up on Thursday, and if it’s a guilty there will be no more chances – he will have breached his 12 month suspended sentence and will go to jail. We will keep you all posted but, in the meantime, please keep your fingers and toes crossed that justice will prevail!

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