An update

Hi all,

I have had quite a few messages of late with people wanting an update as to scumbag’s whereabouts and activities.

Here is what we know at the moment:

  • He is still living in Richmond, Texas with his “girlfriend”, who continues to believe his lies that he is a victim and that everything about him online is lies.
  • He is using the aliases “Brent” and “Bee Jojo” on Facebook and is still (unsurprisingly) using multiple dating sites to prey on his next victims.
    • He has managed to acquire himself a new vehicle. Not quite sure how he has managed that, whether it is fraud or he has conned someone into paying for it. But one thing is for sure – he doesn’t have the money to pay for it.

    • He has managed to get close to at least 2 other victims during his short stay in America, but, thankfully, they have managed to find this page and heeded the warnings. Same story – wealthy, oil baron, private plane, ranch – we have heard it all before!

    Please share this post/page as far and wide as the possible, because it is the only way we are going to stop others from getting hurt by this mongrel!

    9 thoughts on “An update”

      1. God… Its 2019 and I just found out. He is disgusting. I hope that the rich women he conned would send a private eye imvestigator on his tail so he knows that he will be watching over his sholder all his life.


      1. He didn’t purchase it. He leased it from the owner. However he told everyone who would listen that he bought it. A lie! After he stopped paying rent to the owners and didn’t pay the people renting booth space their rightful checks, the owners closed down the shop and all the vendors that had been there for many years were forced to move out. I was a vendor that moved out as soon as we heard he was taking over. I knew he was bad news but no one wanted to believe it. Once he took over, the shop was only open about 5 months. Oh and he married the girlfriend and they had a baby. Not sure where he is now though.


        1. They are in Olivia, Texas. He’s causing a lot of grief for the people of the small community.


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