Keep the Stories Coming

Ok, so we are up to the big 26 people Brett was cheating on me with – 24 girls and 2 boys! It’s just mind blowing – being cheated on with 1 person is bad enough – but 26! Is this asshole for real! This girl is from WA – so he gets far and wide!
Here is story number 26:
“I used to talk to countrybloke86 on POF. I only just recognised him when I watched the ACA video. I spoke to him a fair bit but was very suss about him because he would never send photos of his face and he could never really keep a story straight. He would only ever message me late at night and want to talk about sex. I personally found him to be a bore and felt like he just couldn’t hold a conversation. He said he owned a farm and I don’t own any property and I’m not very country so I don’t think I appealed to him very much
If I had of known he had a partner I would have told him where to go!
Good on you for exposing him!”
Thank you to all the people who have sent me their stories so far. PLEASE keep them coming! xx.

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