New Facebook Page

Hi all,

Lats night I received a message from Facebook to tell me that they had unpublished the Facebook Page “Stop Conman and Fraud Brett Joseph” because it was “bullying.

Needless to say, I am very annoyed! I have contacted Facebook to try to have the page republished – in the interest of the public and all of Brett’s victims! Are they really going to choose to protect a criminal being outed for exactly what he was done – even when the story has been all over mainstream media!

Here is the message I sent Facebook – and if you have a moment I would appreciate it if you did the same:

“Does anyone even work at Facebook – or is it just computers? My page (stop conman and fraud Brett Joseph) has been unpublished because its “bulling” – yet everything on there has been all over the mainstream media (! Its not bullying when it is the truth and has all been in newspapers and TV! Its important to warn others about people like this man and to stand up to emotional violence! If people like this can hide behind Facebook and call themselves being outed for their actions “bullying” then that is a cop out. Help victims to stand up for themselves and protect others Facebook – don’t protect the perpetrators!

I have submitted an appeal to have the page reinstated, but I expect to hear nothing but an automated message!”

In the meantime, I have started a new Facebook page ( – so please re-like, re-share and invite your friends to do the same!

I’m not stopping because of this minor setback – and neither can any of you!



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