The Mole 

So a lot of you have probably been wondering how on earth I knew about the things I have been posting over the past few days – and now I can let you all in on the secret! 

I have been in contact with a man by the name of Mick, who is originally from Mudgee, and now lives on the coast and owns a business in Lawson in the Blue Mountains. Mick is a friend of Brett’s partners, and, because of his loyalty to them, gave Brett the opportunity of working an honest job and earning an honest wage instead of lying, cheating and stealing his way through life. However after only a few days of Brett’s employment, he was up to his old tricks, and Mick realized that Brett was not going to use the opportunity he had been given to get on the straight and narrow – rather he chose to use the opportunity as a way to continue with his lying, cheating and stealing ways. 

As soon as Mick realized that Brett was beyond his help and had absolutely no remorse for his actions, he contacted me through my website. To be honest, I was very skeptical of this man who just contacted me out of the blue, but soon as Mick started feeding me intel on Brett’s recent activities and indiscretions, and I started posting it all on here. Then Mick would tell me all about how confused Brett was about where I was finding these things out and how much he was shitting himself. Brett said that he couldn’t work out what he had done to me to deserve this shit storm that I have been raining down on him. Really Brett? Are you that dumb? 

So this con that Mick and I had going on was brought to a halt this afternoon when Brett overheard Mick on the phone (he didn’t know it was me) speaking about how useless and untrustworthy he was and how he was planning on firing him. So little Bretty got upset, packed up his car and ran back to Mudgee. But not before Mick told him that I was the person on the phone and he was the one feeding me all my leads for the past week. 

Mick has not only helped me to have Brett squirming for the past week – but he has also given me his word that he will be visiting the Police tomorrow to make a statement in regards to the criminal acts Brett has committed during his time working for Mick. 

So all in all I’m pretty grateful for Mick’s help in bringing this bastard to justice and for giving me the opportunity to make him squirm in the process. Thanks Mick, you are a legend! 

P.S. Here are the copies of the text messages Mick sent Brett after he pissed off back to Mudgee.

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