And he comes running home….

This afternoon I received confirmation that Brett has fled the US and is back in Australia. He flew into the country yesterday and this has been confirmed by Australian immigration and a person close to Brett’s family.

All I can say is that he must be bloody scared of what was going to happen to him in the US to come running home to Mummy and Daddy!

I have also been contacted by a US newspaper who wanted to ask me some questions in relation to my story. They told me that they had emailed Brett in relation to the story, and that he had responded to tell them that he has brought a stack of legal action against me in relation everything I have done to warn others about his past! Defamation or some rubbish! This is not the first time I have heard this though. About 6 weeks ago he told a girl (who then found who he was and contacted me) that he had the best defamation lawyer in the country working for him, but it was pro-bono because of all his high profile connections.

They also told me that Brett had provided them with a screenshot of a post I wrote on a thread that was up for less than 5 minutes with an approximate figure of what Brett cost me. What do you know, next thing Brett has screenshotted it emailed it to the newspaper claiming that the figure is incorrect and I am the one in the wrong. So there are either 2 things he is doing here – the first us using a fake profile by the name of Matt Bruner to bait me and his other victims or he is monitoring the page so closely that he was able to see a comment on a post, on one of his ex-girlfriends pages, that was there for less than 5 minutes. I have since spoken with said newspaper and given them all the information they need. Obviously they don’t believe a word Brett says!

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