Woman’s Day Article

Good morning everyone,

I was up bright and early this morning to get a copy of Woman’s Day so I could see the article! And it looks amazing! Its a bit hard to get a clear scan of the entire article, so I suggest you go and pick yourself up a copy!

To Stephanie, Amelia, Julieanne and Alanna who were willing to put snippets of their stories and their pictures into the article – a massive thankyou!

And to Kristine and the team at Woman’s Day – thankyou for giving me the opportunity to speak up and tell my story. I hope that this brings us one step closer to seeing Brett Joseph face justice!


5 thoughts on “Woman’s Day Article”

  1. Well done to Daisy, the other victims who have spoken up and Woman’s Day. It is time the law of the land brought Brett Joseph to justice.


  2. Daisy you have real guts and with that have helped others. You are a credit to women not afraid to admit what you discovered we need more young women like you who are not afraid to speak out. Double thumbs up.


  3. Well done Daisy he needs to be stopped only wish the law was more with you and you didn’t have work/pushing so hard.
    I have been reading your articles since you began your site’s, hope you come through and pull it off and he of gets what you are trying to get across, and he this scum bag should be ordered to pay you and others back for the money he has virtually stole or sponged from you all even if it’s 5 cents a week for the rest of his intire life, just to remind him what he has done to all your lives for the rest of yours. Good luck.


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