Bretty’s Dubbo adventures

An update on the girl from Dubbo who was spotted with Brett today. 

She was spotted in a phone store with him this afternoon. He must have been tuning her for a while, because he had convinced her to sign up to a phone contract for him (petty standard move – he did it to me and many others – “his” iPad is currently with the Griffith police to be used as evidence). Fortunately the contract wasn’t approved and he marched out of the store in a huff, but not before one of the employees slipped her a print out of my website. 

No doubt he will try to weasel his way out of it by playing the old “I’m mentally ill”, “I’m going to kill myself” and “I am the victim,my ex is crazy and jilted and everyone else is lying” cards – but we all know that these are all bollocks. The truth ALWAYS comes out and will follow Brett Joseph wherever he goes! 

Please keep sharing because one thing is for sure – he always has more than one victim on the go. So even though he has been busted with this girl, it won’t be long until he is onto the next!

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