An Update

On the back of my last post about Brett’s activities in the US, I am sure you are all eagerly awaiting an update on what has happened since then. And boy oh boy do I have a lot to fill you all in on!AI have been spending a lot of time speaking to the girl in Texas who Brett was set to marry. She is doing extremely well considering everything that she has just gone through. She is very much like me though in that she really wants to help put a stop to Brett’s behavior and stop him from hurting anyone else.

I am not going to go into her story too much, but the key points are:

  • He was using the name Brett Goodman. When they went to get a marriage licence she realised that the name he put on the application was not the same as the name he had told her. So she googled the name he put on the application and found my page. We skyped within a couple of hours of her finding my page and I filled her in on everything. He tried to pull the usual mental illness and suicide cards, but fortunately she saw straight through it and booted him out. Mike Gerondis (the ex-cop and fraud specialist family friend who helped expose Brett to me) helped her to do everything she needed to do to ensure Brett could not do any more damage.
  • Her father has terminal cancer, so Brett was using that to push her into marrying him more quickly so her father could go to the wedding.
  • He told her that he was in America on a working visa and was working in exploration for Exxon Oil. He said that he had been in America since August 2016 (lie) but had been gone back to Australia for 6 weeks from mid December and had returned to the US in early February, but we know that he was not in America at all until early February.
  • He was borrowing her car to go to “work”, but we all know he doesn’t work, so we can assume he was off seeing other girls and scamming businesses. I have been contacted by quite a few people who met him while he was at “work”, and their stories are below.
  • He received $500,000 from on of his ex-partners and that money was sitting in a bank account in Australia and he was just waiting for the right exchange rate to bring it over to the US. He was doing his stock standard looking at houses, having paperwork drawn up and then pulling out at the last minute – this time the excuse was because the exchange rate wasn’t good enough.

Since my post about the engagement last Thursday night, my website has had over 50,000 hits, and I have received many messages from people who had either already met Brett or were going to keep a close eye out for him. Mel, one of Brett’s previous victims also posted on Facebook about Brett, and that post has had 2.3k shares since Thursday, mainly in horse circles because Mel breeds quarter horses and has lots of contacts in the US. The media have also picked up these new developments and are very keen to help us spread the truth about Brett in the US. Ill keep you all posted in relation to that.

These are some of the stories that have come to me over the past few days from people in the US:

“My lord. He tried to convince my uncle to buy his cattle ranch from him. My uncle told him to go away and that he didn’t trust him. Then my cousin said she saw him at a gas station in Dallas. She said that he tried to charm her – until her husband came out of the store.”

“I met him last Friday at McKinney Trades Day in McKinney, TX! He was buying cowboy boots and started talking to me. He told me that he owns a rang in Anna, TX and was looking to buy additional ranches. I am a farm and ranch realtor and gave him my card. He said that his family owned hundreds of thousands of acres in Australia and ran several hundred thousand head of cattle. He said that they were selling off their land in Australia and investing in Texas.”

“He is using the name Brett McLaughlin and saying he is from the McLaughlin family in Australia. He has been frequenting the western store where by boyfriend works. He is driving around in a brand new white Nissan Titan and tells people that he lives in Denton, TX.

He offered one of the employees a job managing a horse ranch he owned and said that he was talking to his attorneys and drawing up papers to hire employees. He offered his $80,000 a year, and would give him one of the two King Ranch trucks he just purchased. Another part of the deal was that he would live on the ranch in the main house, so he gave notice on his current place and now has to find somewhere else to live, which isn’t easy when you own horses. He also said that he wanted to talk to my boyfriend about helping him with a cattle business, which is when I started looking up details about him. I couldn’t find the name Brett mentioned anywhere in the McLaughlin family. Still, at that point I thought he could have been a cousin. Then we obtained the address of the ranch he said he bought for my boyfriends colleague to work on. We googled the address and it was a $3 million property. At that point Brett had cancelled 3 meetings with my boyfriend in which he was supposed to discuss possible employment opportunities and I had become suspicious. So I checked the tax rolls and his name was not listed on the property. Then I contacted 4 different real estate agents and each confirmed that the house was still occupied by the owners and had been on the market for 234 days.”

“I met him last Friday in McKinney, TX. He told me that he lives on his new ranch in Anna, TX.”

I have no doubt that there is more to come in relation to this. So keep your eyes peeled!

Brett’s Resume

A copy of Brett’s resume from about 2013 – 99% bullshit, but good for a laugh!