A Current Affair Part 2

So some of you would have seen my posts saying that the A Current Affair story about Brett had been pulled because he had played the old the “mental health” and “I’m going to kill myself” cards. We all know how many times this has worked for him. Brett’s father threatened to get medical certificates to say that Brett was at risk of suicide (which we all know he isn’t) – in which case the story would have had to be pulled. So we were worried. So, I took a leaf out of Brett’s book and I told a lie! I told you all that the story had been pulled – and it worked. It threw Brett and his parents off the scent and, what do you know, no certificates!

SO WHAT I NEED YOU ALL TO KNOW IS THAT THE STORY IS ON AT 7 PM TONIGHT! And for those of you who missed it, the link is here.

I’m sorry that I had to tell a little fib – but it was necessary to try to ensure the story went to air!

So make sure you tune in. Channel 9. NOW!!

PS. Just to add insult to injury, this is the message I sent Brett just before the story aired! 1 point to me and none to Brett Joseph!



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