This morning I received a message from another girl who Brett was cheating on me with. It’s just like water off a duck’s back now  and every time I receive another message I’m just like “oh – another one”.

But this morning’s message takes Brett’s tally to 23 girls and 2 boys – THAT IS 25 PEOPLE HE WAS CHEATING ON ME WITH!

At best he was talking to them (not just normal talking – I mean inappropropriate or explicit talking – talking that you wouldn’t do with a person that you just wanted to be friends with). At worst he was sleeping with them. Now I understand that not everyone’s definition of cheating is the same as mine. For some people it is a purely physical thing. For others it is an emotional thing too. In my book, cheating is doing any or all of of these things when you have a partner. These are just some of the things that Brett did to me while we were together that I consider to be cheating:

  • Talking to other girls/boys on dating sites;
  • Messaging girls/boys and saying that you and your girlfriend are “rocky” and that you are “discreetly seeing what else is out there”;
  • Sending pictures of your appendage to other girls/boys;
  • Receiving compromising pictures from other girls/boys’
  • Telling other girls that you see them as your future wife;
  • Making plans to visit other girls/boys for dates and/or to stay with them;
  • Telling other girls/boys that you want to build a life with them;
  • Denying that you have a partner – even when specifically questioned about who I was (often he told people that I was his “good friend” or “office manager”);
  • Having active profiles on and actively using Tinder, gaymatchmaker, grindr, POF or any other dating website;
  • Actively seeking out other people on social media to be anything more than a friend;
  • Any intimate act with any other person – from kissing and beyond!

So – 25 in a month! Maybe by Christmas we will hit the big 100!


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