Email to Businesses

While I was cleaning out some of the things that Brett left here after I booted him I found a stack of business cards – and I mean 100+. So I decided to send an email to each and every one of those people or businesses – and this is what I said:

“I have recently found your business card (in a pile of 100+ business cards) while going through some things that my ex-partner, a man by the name of Brett Joseph, left at my home when I booted him out 3 weeks ago when I found out that he was a convicted fraud and a con man (amongst many other things).


You may know him or may have had dealings with him while he was using one of his many aliases – Brett Jay, Brett Jones, Brett Johnson, Brett Ingham, Brett Kepitis, Brett Inglis, Brett Williams, Brett James, James Brett, Reg Brett, Hunter Joseph, Hunter Baillieu, Brett Joseph Ingham Macdermid, Brett Armstrong, Brett Star, Brett White, Tom Waterhouse, Lockley Christian, Matty Johnson or many business names – King Ranch Australia, King Ranch Australia Pty Ltd, Joseph Pastoral, Joseph Pastoral Co, Hunter Valley Pastoral Co, B J Joseph, Brett Joseph Pastoral. He has, for many years, also claimed to be an agronomist for Bayer – which he is not and has never been.

The reason for my email is to warn you that his man is a criminal and a con artist and has left a trail of destruction across the country of  years. He has ripped off many businesses (mostly in rural areas) during that time and has also targeted young women (again, mostly in rural areas) and bled them dry too.

You can find more information by visiting, and

If you have had dealings with this man then please either contact me or, if those dealings are in any way criminal, please make a statement with your local police. I understand that a lot of businesses write off smaller losses, but there is now an active investigation relating to this man, so it is vital that every criminal offence, no matter how small, is reported. If every business or person who has experienced some sort of criminal behaviour at the hands of Brett reports one criminal activity then I am certain that that there will be something the Police can do to bring him to account for all he has gotten away with for so many years.

If you are lucky enough to have not had any dealings with Brett then I would appreciate you forwarding this email to as many people and businesses as possible. If as many people as possible get the message about who Brett is and what he is capable of. They may have had dealings with him to report or it may help to stop them from becoming another of Brett’s victims in the future.

Regards, Daisy”

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