“Online Bullying”

I received a message this morning informing me that Brett’s mothers is telling anyone who will listen that her son is “the victim of online bullying”. Honestly. What a joke!

This page is far from a forum to “bully” Brett – its purpose is to warn others about him and to give his victims and chance to stand up to him, tell their story and take their power back. It’s not bullying if everything that is posted is fact! He did all of these things, and by doing so made a bed which he now has to lie in. 
I get that a mother will go to the ends of the earth to protect her child, but surely she cannot actually believe that my story and the stories of other victims are lies and are people simply “bullying” Brett. That is offensive to all the people who he has defrauded, stolen from, hurt, used and abused for such a long time.

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