A few days ago I was looking up a strange phone number on Facebook and I thought I would type in Brett’s number just to see if he was up to anything untoward. Surprise surprise – he was! 

Brett’s new alias is “Jack Rodgers” – and he is using a fake profile picture. He obviously realizes that his lying face is everywhere so he can’t use his own pictures. He is also on Tinder using the “Jack Rodgers” profile – obviously he and has zero remorse for his actions and is still preying for his next victim.

Jack” is 29 and is from Warren. He has been visiting high school mates in Sydney over New Years and is a farmer with 45,000 acres now.

The funniest part about it all is that I know who the real “Jack Rodgers” is. The fact that Brett thought he could use this picture and it wouldn’t get back to me is absurd! 

So people, please beware and please share this post as far and wide as possible so that any potential victims can be made aware of the situation. 
And, Brett, nice try, but you failed yet again! I’m going to keep exposing you and keep warning others about you, and I have stacks of help and support to do it, so you had better get used to it! Lol! 

PS. I also have reason to believe that Brett is using the alias “Michael Jay” – so please be warned. 


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