SPOTTED: Brett Joseph getting into his parents old blue/green ute* this afternoon at Mudgee Woolworths.

You are being watched Brett.

*Originally I thought Brett was spotted in his parents white (actually, its very light blue) Toyota sedan, but this was not the case – he was actually getting into his parents old blue/green ute.

3 thoughts on “Spotted”

  1. Please get your facts right as his parents do not own a white toyota sedan and brett was nowhere near woolworths yesterday as i know where he was all day yesterday
    Making false statements again are you
    No doubt you will not post this message


    1. Not at all Wayne (if it’s even you – I have a distinct feeling that this message could be from the little germ himself). I’m quite happy to post your ridiculous message just so everyone can see how deluded you are.

      My apologies. You don’t own a white Toyota sedan – it’s actually very light blue – almost white. And he wasn’t seen getting into that car – it was your old blue/green ute.

      I highly doubt you ever have any idea where your son is or what he is doing, so you can’t expect anyone to believe that you knew exactly where he was for every minute of the day yesterday. You must think I (and the long list of your sons other victims) all came down in the last shower. What a joke! Get a grip, grow a set and stop protecting that pitiful excuse of a human that is Brett Joseph.


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