A message from Brett’s father

I have just received a message through my website from Brett’s father. He has told that I am “making false statements again” because “Brett was nowhere near Woolworths yesterday” because he knows “where he was all day yesterday”. 

I did make an error in yesterday’s post – Brett was not getting into a white Toyota sedan, but rather his fathers old green/blue ute. And, just to clarify, his parents do not own a white Toyota sedan – it’s actually a very light blue – almost white – Toyota sedan. 

As for the remainder of Mr Joseph’s message, what a joke. The guy needs a serious reality check and stop protecting the pitiful excuse of a human being that is Brett Joseph.

4 thoughts on “A message from Brett’s father”

  1. Brett Joseph you are a gutless little liar, if you are adamant you are not as guilty as your actions show why don’t you do the decent thing and return ALL the stolen items you have, and the stolen ones you have sold return the cash. You have no conscience for your actions and are a dangerous person who is escalating in your predatory behaviour. Your “mental health” is not am excuse- its your morals and ethics that are the problem. You’re so afraid to be yourself that you create identities and steal others to pretend to have a life you wish you had. Working an honest job will not hurt you. Many more people respect that than the bullshit your showing now. You are the only one who can stop all this, not by defensive childish insults, but respectable manly accountability. If your so intent on convincing people that your victims are the liars, why don’t you prove us wrong, return our stolen property and face your actions.


      1. Well done Daisy, with the support of all the other victims, for holding Brett Joseph to account. It is time his parents took a stand as there is undeniable proof of Brett’s fraudulent activities over the past ten years that his parents are very well aware of. Brett Joseph will be held accountable for his actions – the time is fast approaching.


  2. Well done Daisy. As for you Wayne Joseph I’d be very very carefull about accusing Daisy of making false statements. You and your wife have been making false statements about that worthless human you call your son for years and years.If you were a quarter of a man you would of had that grub put in jail years ago but it won’t be long before that happens because it won’t be long before he stuffs up again. Oh and don’t worry we will always post anything about that grub you call your son to warn others


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