New Alias Alert!

We have yet another alias that Brett is using.

He is currently going under the alias JAY SOMERVILLE on Grindr (the gay version of Tinder). Jay is a 26 year old who has just moved to Mudgee because he bought a farm. Lies, lies, lies.

I understand that, while posing as Jay, he has been soliciting images from under 18 year old boys.

This is not the first time Brett has been caught out trying to con men. In early March, I received the following message through the website from a young man in Dallas, Texas:

“I am 99% sure I met this man in Dallas. He looks exactly like a gentleman who told me he was from a wealthy Australian family but that he can’t be out and has to be private because his family doesn’t know he’s gay.

I come from a well off family in Dallas and it just seemed odd to me he wanted to take pictures at my family estate all the time. And then he told me he was waiting on money coming from his family and there were problems with getting the money to the USA and he needed to borrow money just temporarily: then he just disappeared after he got the money from me.

The thing is, I had a strange feeling he was not gay, and was only performing just to get what he wanted. I began hunting for him online and then came across your website. I just had a strange feeling about the whole situation. I just knew deep down he wasn’t even gay. And now I know it was just to get money.

I gave him $5,000 USD. He just was able to sell me on the idea that he had so much money coming from Australia. He sent me images of a large estate his family owned and sold me a web of lies that he was just having problems getting money to the USA.

He wanted way more than that, but I felt bad and just gave him the $5,000. At first I thought he was not calling back because he was angry I wouldn’t give him more. 

I didn’t realize he was back in Australia. Is there no way to stop this man? I don’t know too much about Australia law, but how is able to keep getting away with this? 

I know my loss is minor compared to yours, but I feel a since of solidarity in the shared duping by this man. Thank you kindly for helping to open my eyes.”

What this clearly demonstrates is that nobody of any age, race, gender or sexual orientation is safe from Brett Joseph. He doesn’t care who he cons, as long as he can take advantage of them and get what he wants out of them.

Fingers crossed the Police will intervene before too long and lock the little grub up, but until that happens please keep sharing my updates so we can attempt to protect others from this grubby little human!


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