The latest… ripping off an elderly lady

This afternoon I had a call from Brett’s old employer (AKA ‘‘The Mole’). He told me that he had been contacted by the Department of Fair Trading in relation the the plumber called Brett Joseph who was working with him.

Apparently Brett went to the home of an 86 year lady to do some gardening work with his ex-employer, and then went back after hours pretending to be a plumber. He took $150 from her in return for doing some plumbing work, but left to get some supplies or some such thing – with the $150 – and never came back!

She contacted Fair Trading, who in turn contacted Brett’s ex-employer, who was more than happy to pass on moron’s details.

Now I know that $150 is not a big sum of money to most people, but for an elderly lady who is no doubt on the pension I’m sure it is a significant amount of money. Preying on people like me is one thing – but preying on an elderly person is quite another! You have gone and outdone yourself Brett – just when everyone thinks you can’s stoop any lower you go and break your own record!

5 thoughts on “The latest… ripping off an elderly lady”

  1. I would love to give this poor old lady the $150 that this absolute vile thieving,lying piece of shit stole from so I could have first crack at him. Call it a deposit.


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