Hearing on 4 December

As most of you know, Brett has entered pleas of not guilty in relation to charges laid on 13 June.

The matter has been adjourned a number of times, but is finally in for hearing at Griffith Local Court on Monday 4 December.

We will keep everyone up to date with any developments. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed that justice prevails!

One thought on “Hearing on 4 December”

  1. And dont forget no last name Will who used someone elses photo and photo of that other persons children to say was his nephews.
    And it is only girls that have reported this scum bag or even commented on him on any sites because of embarrassment of been taken for a rid,e even though he has conned many high end business men and women including st vincents hospital. I feel for all these women including 3 i know and love as beautiful women.
    I hope BRETT JOSEPH gets the pain and anguish returned to him 10 fold. But and a big but he needs to have physiological help and assessment.


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