Today’s Hearing

I am sure a lot of you are wondering what happened today at the hearing.

As a background, Brett is alleged to have taken 2 diamond rings from a victim named Alanna back in 2009. In August 2016, he gave those rings to me. He told me that they were his Nan’s and he had taken them when she had to be moved to a nursing home (what kind of an asshole steals from his own grandmother)! When I booted him out of my house, he asked for them back, which I did. He then disposed of the rings to his Aunty, also telling her that they belonged to Nan.

Trouble is, those rings didn’t belong to Nan, they belonged to Alanna, and she contacted me when she read on my website that I had been gifted some rings. She gave me a detailed description of the rings (which were extremely distinctive) and asked me if I had seen them, which I had. So we went to the Police.

Today Alanna and I gave evidence to the Court and a Brief of Evidence was tendered to the court to try to prove that Brett took Alanna’s rings, gave them to me, took them back from me and then disposed of them again to his Aunty. Being examined and made to look like nothing but hateful and jaded bitched was less than enjoyable. What was worse was having to see Brett Joseph and his parents smirking at the back of the court room. Truth is, I don’t hate Brett – I don’t want to waste my energy on that – all I want is to protect others from having to go through what I did!

In any event, his lawyer did his best to make us look like liars who hate Brett so much that we colluded to have him charged. Which, for the record, could not be more wrong.

So, the matter had been adjourned for verdict on 8 March 2018. In the meantime, Brett is still on bail, which will restrict his movements significantly. On that day, if he is found guilty (fingers crossed) the suspended sentence he was on for other dishonesty offences when he committed these offences will be called up and he will go to jail. It was a 12 month suspended sentence and he reoffended within 1 month of being placed on it, so theoretically he should go in for at least 12 months.

No matter what the verdict is, one thing is for sure – Brett Joseph’s face is everywhere and he will never ever be able to do to another person what he did to me, Alanna and so many others. He can’t use his own face on dating sites or social media and has been reduced to stealing other people’s pictures. At some point, he is always going to be found out and exposed for the conman scumbag that he is.

So, stay tuned for March 8. Keep your fingers crossed that some justice will be served – not just for Alanna and I, but for 12 years worth of victims!

PS. A Current Affair are currently working on the best installment of the Brett Joseph Saga yet. I’ll keep you all posted on when that will air, but it features Alanna and I finally being able to confront Brett about what he has done to us and so many others. He definitely did not like having the tables turned and being stood up to by 2 of his victims, that is for sure and certain!

3 thoughts on “Today’s Hearing”

  1. Well done girls !! See this is why his parents are as guilty as him ! Smirking and paying for his lawyer for stealing property !!
    They don’t have this town fooled any more !!!


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