Spotted in the USA! 

SPOTTED: Brett Joseph at the Fort Worth Stock Show in Texas, USA. He is a multi-millionaire who owns King Ranch Australia, thoroughbreds, cutting horses and oil wealth. He also has 2 ranches he just purchased near the Fort Worth Metroplex. And I’m sure that all this is just the tip of the iceberg!

If you know anyone in Texas, or the USA for that matter, please warn them about this moron! He has gone over there chasing a girl, so I’m hoping with enough likes and shares we may be able to save her (and no doubt a number of others) a lot of heartache!

Article in The Land

So last Thursday I opened up The Land (Brett’s all time favourite paper) to find a 1/2 page article about him!


Enter a caption

I thought it was only fair that I send him a message to let him know that he had made it into his favourite paper – which I’m sure he loved receiving!


There is nothing sweeter than revenge! Xx.

New Facebook Page

Hi all,

Lats night I received a message from Facebook to tell me that they had unpublished the Facebook Page “Stop Conman and Fraud Brett Joseph” because it was “bullying.

Needless to say, I am very annoyed! I have contacted Facebook to try to have the page republished – in the interest of the public and all of Brett’s victims! Are they really going to choose to protect a criminal being outed for exactly what he was done – even when the story has been all over mainstream media!

Here is the message I sent Facebook – and if you have a moment I would appreciate it if you did the same:

“Does anyone even work at Facebook – or is it just computers? My page (stop conman and fraud Brett Joseph) has been unpublished because its “bulling” – yet everything on there has been all over the mainstream media (! Its not bullying when it is the truth and has all been in newspapers and TV! Its important to warn others about people like this man and to stand up to emotional violence! If people like this can hide behind Facebook and call themselves being outed for their actions “bullying” then that is a cop out. Help victims to stand up for themselves and protect others Facebook – don’t protect the perpetrators!

I have submitted an appeal to have the page reinstated, but I expect to hear nothing but an automated message!”

In the meantime, I have started a new Facebook page ( – so please re-like, re-share and invite your friends to do the same!

I’m not stopping because of this minor setback – and neither can any of you!



6 Things Narcissists and Sociopaths Say to Make You Feel Crazy

Tonight I found another article that I’m sure was written about Brett himself – so I thought I would share it all with you all.

“6 Things Narcissists and Sociopaths Say to Make You Feel Crazy

Sociopaths are masters at influence and deception. Very little of what they say may be true in terms of facts, but they’re extremely skillful at making the things they say sound believable, even if they’re just making them up out of thin air.

Narcissists have an excessive need for admiration, disregard for others’ feelings, an inability to handle any criticism, and a sense of entitlement. 

At first, they often seem quite altruistic and innocent to the average person, but then they slow use their charms and manipulation to get just what they want, preying on friends, family, co-workers and lovers.

No one is exempt, and odds are, you’ve had to deal with at least one of these type of people at some point.

You may be able to spot them by these common phrases sociopaths and narcissists use to make you feel like you’re crazy.

You’re so sensitive – These people manufacture emotions in others. First they lay on the praise and flattery, then they’ll ignore you for days on end, just waiting for you to react. When you finally do, they’ll accuse you of being way too sensitive. They’ll insult, belittle, and criticize you, often in a joking manner, pushing your boundaries until you finally say something. It can easily turn a generally self-confident person into one that’s full of insecurity and self-doubt.

You’re just crazy, jealous, or … – When things begin to go downhill in a relationship, the person turns to name calling, saying “you’re just crazy,” or “you’re just jealous,” etc. Bringing you down justifies their own unhealthy behavior while making you feel insecure.

You’re over-analyzing everything – Sometimes we do read too much into things, but sociopaths and narcissists often purposefully do things to make you feel paranoid in hopes that they can make you think the problem is all with you, causing anxiety and then blaming you for being anxious.

You’ll never survive without me – Once you begin to realize the type of person you’re dealing with, they do everything they can to achieve control, controlling you by making you feel as if you’re crazy and incapable of surviving without them. 

You’re too dramatic – They’ll tell you you’re too dramatic, and they hate drama, but it won’t take long before you realize that person is bringing their own tornado of drama with them wherever they go. When their bad behavior eventually surfaces and you mention that you’re concerned, they’ll make you feel bad for reacting to it rather than addressing them problem, telling you that you’re being dramatic.

You misunderstood me – Misunderstandings are common in relationships, but sociopaths tend to do something known as “gaslighting.” Gaslighting is a term that refers to doing something that causes a negative reaction, and then blaming that person for their negative reaction, telling them that they didn’t understand what you were trying to say – or that they never said it all all.

Of course, you understood perfectly – they’re just trying to make you doubt your sanity.”

It amazed me that I was able to relate to each and every thing in this article! I’m sure there are a lot of others who will also be able to relate to this – whether with the asshole Brett or another person just like him.

There was hardly a day that I didn’t experience at least one of these things! I was made to feel like everything was my fault – and I actually BELIEVED that everything was my fault – which is the worst part – because I now realize that none of it was my fault!

One of his favorite tools to use against me was using my emotions against me – which then always tied in to him threatening to leave me. He would tell me that I was far too sensitive and often told me that I needed to get some “bitch” into me. This was usually when he had done something which had upset me and made me cry. I am an emotional person and have always been very sensitive. There is nothing I can do about it – it’s just the way I am. He made me feel like there was something wrong with that – all the while doing everything he could to make me upset and to make me cry – and then threaten to leave me because I was too “emotional” and “sensitive” and he “didn’t do tears”.

The reality is that he was never going to leave me. He was on far too good a wicket to leave me. But having me believe he might and keeping me so scared of him leaving me and of my life without him was his way of keeping me in check!

A massive positive from my relationship with Brett is that I have realized that there definitely isn’t anything wrong with being sensitive or emotional! In fact, I think it is much better than being an insensitive prick like he was! I am the way I am – and I like the way I am! If a person cannot accept me the way I am and want me to change then they aren’t worth having in my life!

At least I have now learnt what to look for in the future – so I’ll know what the signs are is a person like Brett ever crosses my path again and I can run away – very fast and very far!


Keep the Stories Coming

Ok, so we are up to the big 26 people Brett was cheating on me with – 24 girls and 2 boys! It’s just mind blowing – being cheated on with 1 person is bad enough – but 26! Is this asshole for real! This girl is from WA – so he gets far and wide!
Here is story number 26:
“I used to talk to countrybloke86 on POF. I only just recognised him when I watched the ACA video. I spoke to him a fair bit but was very suss about him because he would never send photos of his face and he could never really keep a story straight. He would only ever message me late at night and want to talk about sex. I personally found him to be a bore and felt like he just couldn’t hold a conversation. He said he owned a farm and I don’t own any property and I’m not very country so I don’t think I appealed to him very much
If I had of known he had a partner I would have told him where to go!
Good on you for exposing him!”
Thank you to all the people who have sent me their stories so far. PLEASE keep them coming! xx.

This Week’s AMAZING Stats

So I have just checked the Facebook page and website stats for the last week. And they are nothing short of amazing! I’m so happy that my message is still spreading and that the warning about Brett is getting out to so many people!

So, this week:

  1. A total of 147,108 views of the website and 71,141 visitors to the page – that’s 59,670 views 30,176 visitors since this time last week! ws1
  2. 1,000 shares of the” target=”_blank”>’My Story’ post on the Facebook page.WS2.jpg
  3. A total of 2,868 likes of the  Facebook page.ws3

Thankyou for all your help and support. Please keep helping me to stop Brett Joseph!


Email to Businesses

While I was cleaning out some of the things that Brett left here after I booted him I found a stack of business cards – and I mean 100+. So I decided to send an email to each and every one of those people or businesses – and this is what I said:

“I have recently found your business card (in a pile of 100+ business cards) while going through some things that my ex-partner, a man by the name of Brett Joseph, left at my home when I booted him out 3 weeks ago when I found out that he was a convicted fraud and a con man (amongst many other things).


You may know him or may have had dealings with him while he was using one of his many aliases – Brett Jay, Brett Jones, Brett Johnson, Brett Ingham, Brett Kepitis, Brett Inglis, Brett Williams, Brett James, James Brett, Reg Brett, Hunter Joseph, Hunter Baillieu, Brett Joseph Ingham Macdermid, Brett Armstrong, Brett Star, Brett White, Tom Waterhouse, Lockley Christian, Matty Johnson or many business names – King Ranch Australia, King Ranch Australia Pty Ltd, Joseph Pastoral, Joseph Pastoral Co, Hunter Valley Pastoral Co, B J Joseph, Brett Joseph Pastoral. He has, for many years, also claimed to be an agronomist for Bayer – which he is not and has never been.

The reason for my email is to warn you that his man is a criminal and a con artist and has left a trail of destruction across the country of  years. He has ripped off many businesses (mostly in rural areas) during that time and has also targeted young women (again, mostly in rural areas) and bled them dry too.

You can find more information by visiting, and

If you have had dealings with this man then please either contact me or, if those dealings are in any way criminal, please make a statement with your local police. I understand that a lot of businesses write off smaller losses, but there is now an active investigation relating to this man, so it is vital that every criminal offence, no matter how small, is reported. If every business or person who has experienced some sort of criminal behaviour at the hands of Brett reports one criminal activity then I am certain that that there will be something the Police can do to bring him to account for all he has gotten away with for so many years.

If you are lucky enough to have not had any dealings with Brett then I would appreciate you forwarding this email to as many people and businesses as possible. If as many people as possible get the message about who Brett is and what he is capable of. They may have had dealings with him to report or it may help to stop them from becoming another of Brett’s victims in the future.

Regards, Daisy”